Torrey Holistics Dispensary & Delivery San Diego is the Top Cannabis Dispensary Serving Del Mar & La Jolla, San Diego 1

Torrey Holistics Dispensary & Delivery San Diego is the Top Cannabis Dispensary Serving Del Mar & La Jolla, San Diego 2Torrey Holistics Dispensary is located on the edge of La Jolla and Del Mar in San Diego. Torrey Holistics was not only the first legal cannabis dispensary in San Diego, but has long carried the reputation as being the best cannabis dispensary in the La Jolla and Del Mar area. Torrey Holistics carried the widest range of cannabis strains at the best prices. We also carry every imaginable cannabis related product for your enjoyment.

Torrey Holistics also features free delivery in 45 minutes or less to most areas of San Diego not just Del Mar and La Jolla. The quality and strength of our cannabis along with, a knowledgeable staff, free delivery, and our daily specials keeps our customers happy. Competitive pricing and customer service ensures a quality experience for anyone in the Del Mar, La Jolla, and San Diego areas looking for the best Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery experience.

Torrey Holistics carries a wide variety of unique high quality cannabis products such as live resin, cannabis wide, and assortment of delectable edibles for your enjoyment. Ask anyone about the top dispensaries in San Diego and you will hear our name mentioned among the best. Torrey Holistics isn’t one of the huge national chains either, we are local to San Diego and the first Licensed dispensary in San Diego, we have been doing it longer than anyone and we still do it better.

More and more local delivery services are providing low quality cannabis products, and more and more dispensaries crowd into the San Diego area all the time, but Torrey Holistics continues to stand out above the crowd. A combination of strict product quality guidelines, incredible staff the strives to serve every customer to their satisfaction, great prices, wide selection, and free delivery in 45 minutes or less keeps us ahead of our competition.

The details of your entire cannabis dispensary experience in San Diego are attended to and no detail is left unturned.  Our commitment to be a part of the Del Mar, La Jolla, and San Diego community is second to none as well. We constantly give back to the community, sponsor local events, and participate in building a better local community for everyone. Events like our locally sponsored peanut butter drive and veteran discounts matter to everyone in our local community. We also have a cannabis and cancer workshop hosted by our onsite Phd, Dr Beth! We have near monthly events planned that you can check out in our upcoming events section on our website.

Torrey Holistics wants to improve your experience whether you are a local to the La Jolla, Del Mar, and San Diego area, or you are an out of towner looking for the best Cannabis experience you can have. If you are a regular, we want to continue to ensure a quality experience. IF you shop at other dispensaries in the area, we ask you to give us a try and see for yourself the difference and understand why we have been at the top of the Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery service in San Diego since 2015!


About Torrey Holistics

Torrey Holistics opened in 2015 as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary; serving the patient community throughout San Diego County. In December of 2017, Torrey Holistics was proud to receive the very first recreational license in the state of California.

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10671 Roselle St #100
San Diego
California 92121
United States

(858) 558-1420