Tracking and Recovering Bitcoins and Ethereum Lost to Investment and Trading Schemes 1
Elyt Chargeback have assigned themselves the task to help their clients get back their hard earned money from trading schemes.

Schemers have been getting away with millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, and Elyt Chargeback is hot on their tails to get them back. The industry leaders have assigned themselves the task to help their clients get back their hard earned money without a missing cent. 

Between October 2020 and April 2021, Americans have lost over $80 million dollars in cryptocurrency schemes, giving rise to companies that dedicate themselves to recovering those funds. It isn’t an easy job, and not all cases can be resolved, but if you have the following information, the case will be infinitesimally easier to handle: 

  • Sender’s Cryptocurrency wallet address
  • Receiver’s Cryptocurrency wallet address
  • Date of Transaction
  • Amount involved in lost Bitcoin Transaction
  • Hash Numbers generated from Transaction
  • Platform Used for the Payment
  • Bitcoin Recovery Private key (Optional)

Crypto transactions are hosted on a network called the  Blockchain. All transactions made on this network can be tracked and located with the Blockchain Explorer network. In fact there are blockchain explorer platforms on the surface web that you can easily try out yourself if you know the wallet addresses that the deposits were paid to.

However, the blockchain only store addresses, public keys, and not real-world identities. Therefore, virtual assets service providers (VASP) are the primary way to link real-world identities with bitcoin transactions. For example, VASPs such as Exchanges, wallets, custodians provide cryptocurrency services to retail users and businesses. Most of these services implement KYC (Know-your-customer) solutions. Therefore, linking real-world identity with bitcoin addresses and transactions.

Are they aggressive?

When you’ve been tricked, you’ll know that time is of the essence. Acting quickly can increase your chances of recovering your assets. However, if you’re being pressured into acting right now, it should be treated as a red flag. A reputable company would reassure their clients that while they recommend acting as fast as possible, they should not be pressured to buy into their services because they are racing against the clock. If you feel pressured, seek a different company.

Do they seem shady?

Any agency that requires you to hold your tongue and stay secretive about what you’re doing regarding the scheme should also be avoided. They may claim that they don’t want to tip the schemer off, but the truth is that schemes will not be successful at what they are doing if they aren’t prepared for retaliation. Furthermore, they are likely to be running hundreds if not thousands of schemes at once, so one report or federal complaint is not going to put a dent in their ploy. Companies that try to convince you that they have certain loopholes or contacts are very likely to be lying.

Being conned once is an unfortunate accident, but shame on you if you should be conned the second time. Always be very cautious about your finances and never let anyone else handle them if you don’t have a hundred percent confidence in their company or reliability. At the end of the day, get rich schemes sound wonderful, but if it really were so easy, there would be more rich people in the world. If we believe that we aren’t smarter or luckier than our friends, it can go on to protect us in times of greed and ambition, because if they weren’t enough to make it on their own, we should take precautions when we’re trying to make it on our own.

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