Talks about Graduation Announcements 2022 and What Every Person Needs to Know about Sending Them Out 1

Now is the time to order graduation announcements. Many parents find it difficult to pick an announcement and put off making the purchase as long as possible. Don’t make this mistake. Order announcements for 2022 today to let everyone know about this great achievement. Who should receive these announcements?

Immediate Family

When purchasing announcements, have a peek at these guys. They offer a range of styles for everyone to select from. Once a graduation announcement has been selected, send copies to immediate family members. Although they likely live in the same home, they will want a physical reminder of this momentous day. Don’t overlook them to save money. They will want one and will appreciate receiving one as a reminder. 

Extended Family

Send graduation announcements to extended family members. Although they may not be able to attend the ceremony, they will love seeing this announcement. This list should include grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, among others. Class of 2020 and 2021 In-Person Commencement Ceremony Set for 2022 will provide them with the details of the big day and let them feel as if they have a small part in the celebration.

Include other individuals who may not be blood relatives but who still are considered family. They want this information as much as blood relatives do. Follow basic graduation etiquette when sending the announcements to make the mailing even more special. 


Although there is no need to send announcements to individuals who will be graduating, don’t overlook friends who may want the details of the event. This includes childhood friends who may not live locally and those who live nearby but attend a different school. According to, while it may seem easier to give them a call or send them a text, they’ll appreciate the announcement alerting them to this major life event. 


Who are the important people in one’s life? This may be a pastor at church, a former teacher who helped choose a career, or a boss that supported one throughout one’s education. Send them an announcement to show them how much their help has meant. Many people won’t be able to attend the festivities but will treasure the announcement, as it shows they have made a difference in someone’s life. Furthermore, send them a photo receiving the diploma once the event has passed.

If they have played a major role in one’s future, consider sending them an invitation along with the announcement so they can be present for the big day. However, do so with plenty of time for them to respond, so they don’t miss out if they wish to attend. A company, such as Jostens offers a range of products sure to meet the needs when choosing invitations and announcements. 

Whether one is sending graduation announcements or invitations, take time to brush up on proper etiquette. The announcement or invitation alerts others to a major milestone in one’s life. Taking the time to learn how and when to send invitations, announcements, and more will start the next stage of one’s life off on the right foot. As one has worked so hard to complete one’s education.

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