Robbie Antonio Reshapes the Landscape of Exquisite Real Estate with Revolution Precrafted 1
Robbie Antonio is a real estate agent, an art collector, and a visionary who has found Revolution Precrafted, aiming to offer his clients and customers some of the finest luxury homes.

Robbie Antonio Reshapes the Landscape of Exquisite Real Estate with Revolution Precrafted 2

Gorgeous, big homes with exquisite views and spacious backyards are what most people dream about and aspire to. Even though even the tiniest luxury home costs a small fortune for the vast majority of people, the demand for luxury real estate skyrocketed in the previous years.

According to research conducted by the KMC group, several Philippines-based real estate companies have seen massive Real Estate Price Index bumps on a year-on-year basis:

“While the pandemic has significantly affected housing markets around the world, the Philippines has appeared to be an ‘outlier’ and has an increased demand for luxury and upscale properties.”

Robbie Antonio, the managing director of Century Properties, the founder and president of Antonio Development, as well as one of the most reputable collectors of international modern and post-war contemporary art, is determined to make luxury homes and exquisite art more approachable and available to people. An excerpt from outlines the gist of Robbie’s aspirations:

“The intricacy of design, the development of an idea, and the understanding of architectural complexity don’t come easily to everyone. Real estate visionary Robbie Antonio has that rare quality to bring the best of all worlds through his ability to blend such diverse concepts into an idea of aspirational living.”

Robbie Antonio has received numerous accolades, awards, and prestigious titles in the world of art collecting. In 2014, he was counted among the ’20 of the World’s Most Innovative Art Collectors’ by Artnet; the following year, he was included in the list of ‘Top 200 Art Collectors Worldwide’. Additionally, he was part of Mavericks Report’s ’25 Pioneers Who’ve Transformed the Built Industry’. 

Robbie Antonio Reshapes the Landscape of Exquisite Real Estate with Revolution Precrafted 3

Innovative ideas, the ability to think on one’s feet, and a unique vision are the main elements of Robbie’s genius, although he emphasizes that working and collaborating with high-profile artists, business leaders, and reputable public persons has empowered him and enriched both his knowledge and real estate skillset, stating:

“I always want to work with the best people in the world, whether it is business or art…because that makes you a better person. You learn from the best, and it’s a privilege. I want to impart that to the world.”

Antonio possesses approximately 82 million square feet of developed, in-progress, and managed properties. He founded Revolution Precrafted and is currently focusing on scaling and growing the. 

The goals and ambitions Robbie has for Revolution Precrafted are just as unique as the brand itself. Antonio imparts his ideas of sustainable luxurious living, stating:

“I want the homes to be perceived as art pieces. I think this is something that can be built off-site and assembled like a Lego set. We’re striving to do something that’s customizable.”

More information about Robbie Antonio can be found on and the official websites of his businesses. 

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