Amanda Young Launches New Colorful Children’s Book Titled Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo 1
The new book is a vibrant conversation starter on inclusivity for families who want to imbibe empathy, tolerance, and friendliness in other kids

Amanda Young is delighted to announce that her new children’s book, Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo is currently available for purchase on Amazon. The colorful children’s book has been touted by many readers and parents as an excellent age-appropriate conversation starter on inclusiveness, for families to instill empathy and tolerance in their kids.

Also described as the perfect holiday gift for kids this Christmas, Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo was inspired by a little rhino that Amanda had the pleasure of working with as an animal trainer. The plot centers on the life of Jumo the rhino, who’s battling a developing identity crisis. With the help of a pink-haired zookeeper who can talk to animals, the characters spread the messages of inclusivity, friendship, and love across the entire magical zoo.

The book teaches young readers to respect their true selves regardless of how different they might be from the mainstream world. And Amanda believes the story will inspire positive values and help them grow into sensible, warm, and empathetic human beings.

Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo has continued to receive rave reviews from parents all over the world who are pleased with the work and the safe space it provides for having these important conversations with their children.

“My sister’s grandson at only 20 months was enthralled with the colors and animals. He repeated their names and also values of the story. “Oh no, he’s sad.” “Be kind.” It seems this book has lessons and value for many different age levels. I bought more to give away and place in free library boxes. Highly recommended.”

“What struck me first about this book was the beautiful artwork! It is so colorful! The story itself is beautifully written. It talks about the importance of believing in who you are and accepting others for who they are, a message so relevant for today. I love that the authors are helping animals with their books as well! I can’t wait for the next book! Highly recommended!”

“I love the message behind this book as much as I love the colorful illustrations! It’s a heartwarming story of accepting yourself and being an ally. Jumo is the coolest unicorn around and Manda is an excellent zookeeper and friend! Highly recommended for kids and families.”

About Amanda 

Amanda Young started her career with SeaWorld Orlando where she got an amazing opportunity to work with killer whales. Unfortunately, she was laid off in 2019 but she didn’t let that setback bog her down. Rather, chose to see it as a great window to explore her other dreams and passions. Today, Amanda spearheads a mental health & inclusivity-centered brand, hosts a successful podcast, and is now a published author. She has also hinted that she intends to release a series of books where each publication will center on a new animal and convey a positive message.

Amanda Young Launches New Colorful Children’s Book Titled Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo 2

Jumo the Unicorn: Manda’s Magical Zoo is also available for purchase online at Barnes and Noble.

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