Explains What to Know about Converting VHS to Digital Formats 1 Explains What to Know about Converting VHS to Digital Formats

VHS tapes are obsolete, yet many people still have them in their homes. Often, by the time the VHS player finally stops working, the owner may not want to purchase another one since they likely won’t be buying any more VHS tapes. Yet, since these were often used to record home movies, it’s important to convert and save any of the VHS tapes owned. To do this, it’s a good idea to contact a company that handles conversions and will do the job with care.

Why Convert VHS Tapes? 

Many people will want to check with a VHS to digital conversion company to make sure they can have all of their tapes converted quickly and easily. The biggest reason many people do this is to make sure they can watch the home movies again even if they no longer have a VHS player. On top of this, conversion is necessary as a way to secure the videos and prevent damage that could end up being irreparable. Plus, by converting to a digital format, it’s easy to have the videos saved in multiple places to ensure they remain safe. 

Any VHS Can Be Converted

Any VHS tape can be converted to digital formatting, according to This includes any home movies, wedding videos, and more. The conversion process does not fix any formatting errors or increase the clarity of the video, so the content will still look the same. There is no editing done. Yet, the video can be preserved in a format that’s easier to access, allowing the videos to be watched again and again. 

Dealing With Damaged VHS Tapes

Over time, VHS tapes can become damaged. However, companies like EverPresent are able to do the conversion after repairing the VHS tapes. Depending on the damage, a full restoration may be possible, and the video can then be converted to a digital format to allow for future viewing. Even if the VHS tape is in very poor condition, it’s often worth asking about repair services with the conversion, as it may be possible to save the video. 

Conversion Process

Companies that offer “In-Person: Convert Your VHS to DVD or Digital” services are able to come to the client’s home to do the conversion. Otherwise, clients can mail in the VHS tapes they want to be converted. When the conversion is done, they will be provided with a digital copy of the video. It is possible to receive a digital file that can be downloaded and saved or a DVD with the file on it, depending on the client’s preferences. 

Keeping the Digital Format Safe

Once the process is done, it’s important to keep the digital file safe. Many people will want to save the file in multiple places so, if something happens, the video still exists. This could mean keeping it on their computer, saving it to a DVD, and uploading it to the cloud to be on the safe side.

If one has old VHS tapes and would like to store them properly or watch and enjoy them again, look into having them converted to a digital format. By doing so, it’s easy to preserve the videos and make sure they can be enjoyed for years to come. 

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