Endearing children’s book, “Geno and Vinnie Come to America” by Flip Roberts is available everywhere, sharing the fun and educational tale of best friend alpacas on their journey to the United States 1

“Geno and Vinnie Come to America” by Phil “Flip” Roberts is currently available worldwide. This colorful, heartwarming story follows a pair of best friends, both alpacas, on their journey from Peru to their new home in America. These alpacas, Geno and Vinnie, spend their trip making friends and memories, as well as learning some important lessons. This fully illustrated, rhyming story is based on the author’s own alpacas, whose gentleness and quirky personalities inspired him to create the Freedom Series, a collection of stories designed to educate young people about alpacas, the joys of country living, and the importance of independence! This is the first book in the series.

Geno and Vinnie Come to America (ISBN: 9781737279174) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including barnesandnoble.com and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $19.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

Geno and Vinnie were born on the banks of the Urubamba River between Cusco and Machu Picchu, Peru. This area is known as the Sacred Valley. Geno and Vinnie came to be from different parents, but they became inseparable after birth. They made a promise to travel together to the shores of the U.S. of A. Little did they know that their mothers had made a deal with the owner of the Alejandro Alpaca Ranch to send their children to the land of the free. The adventures that follow are the travels and experiences of Geno and Vinnie in their search for freedom in America. Their story is perfect as alpacas are great story tellers.

About the author:

Phil Roberts is an entrepreneur, creative writer, gardener, dog lover, and friend of Geno & Vinnie. Having lived in the countryside for 42 years, he loves to gaze at the stars on a warm summer’s night. Geno and Vinnie came to share the Country Escape seven years ago and have added to the ambiance of the property’s unique setting. It was Geno and Vinnie that inspired the writing of the Freedom Series books as an expression of the joy that they experience as they were allowed to run untethered on the property. Freedom is a unique and valuable right to cherish and embrace as individuals of society. The interactions with animals and their uniqueness with self is a joy to be experienced like no other. Mr. Roberts’ vision is to share this through his writings of children’s books. 

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