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Rohit Romley, an emphatic leader, and renowned project manager, announces the release of his new book. The new book is titled Love, Empathy, and Project Management. Being a book with practical solutions to universal problems that project managers usually encounter in leadership positions, Love, Empathy, and Project Management teaches how a team manager can easily connect with team members, stakeholders and achieve unprecedented successes.


Apart from having an appealing yet elegant cover, the book, Love, Empathy, and Project Management has been carefully designed in two distinct formats – hardcover and paperback, which are readily available here on Amazon ( and other digital platforms. Rohit consciously put his soul and experience to the book, making it a must-read for every project manager, team leader, CEO, and anyone who wants to keep their management skills up to date. Written in superb yet simple English, the book has 190 pages with ISBN-13: ‎979-8758521649 and has been defined as a page-turner by readers who recently reviewed it.

Therefore, this newly published book gives workable management tips, proven anecdotes, realistic illustrations and outlines valuable secrets to becoming achievers in the project management field. To reach the wide range that the book was meant for, Rohit uses simple illustrations and life examples to drive home every point that project managers can use in order to manage their team and achieve the intended goals.

Love, Empathy, and Project Management, has unique messages for every shade of leaders, management students, board of directors, parents, entrepreneurs, football coaches, teachers, stakeholders who want to lead with love and empathy.  It is also something for CEOs, whether young or old, male or female, black or white individuals. In addition, the book carefully explains how any project manager who desires to successfully manage projects or a group of subordinates can easily do so by leading with love and empathy. With each chapter giving new dimensions through which the intended result can be achieved, the book explains that many results can be achieved by applying empathy and showing love to every concerned party.

While launching the book, Rohit said, “Love, Empathy, and Project Management clearly highlights the importance of connecting with both your team and stakeholders. After reading this and applying the lessons learned, you will begin to get more positive feedback from your clients and cement your career on the wall of success.”

By reading Love, Empathy, and Project Management, readers stand a good chance to identify pitfalls of project management. Hence, they can use love and empathy to execute their objectives without making avoidable mistakes or falling into the usual pitfalls that project manager always finds themself. On Amazon, a paperback of the book goes for $19.99, while the hardcover goes for $24.99 only. Love, Empathy, and Project Management can be used as a gift to budding managers, political leaders, project managers, team members, entrepreneurs, management students and those who intend to manage projects and lead effortlessly.

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