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People have been using social media for personal and professional reasons homogeneously as of late. There are various ways to learn how to monetize on social media, like becoming a social media influencer and selling products or ad space. But these routes have a lot of risk and volatility for content creators. One entrepreneur and social media maven, Terrell Samuels, offers a better and faster way.

Terrell is a serial entrepreneur who has an affinity for online sales and digital marketing. He loves to create innovations that push the natural boundaries of human behavior and enrich those around him. He has recently developed and launched a company called Monytize, which introduces an invite-only app that allows influencers to generate income from their content. It’s a celebrity-based fundraising and philanthropy platform in one sense and a strong income-generator for leading social media personalities in another. These two powerful functionalities make it one of a kind in the social media and tech sphere. 

Terrell started as a self-employed marketing consultant and worked his way up the ladder of success. He has worked in both the entertainment world and the medical field before moving into entrepreneurship. He also has extensive experience in public speaking, social media marketing, and leadership development. Samuels holds a degree from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

On Monytize, Terrell set up a pay-to-watch system that enables content creators to make gated content to a niche part of their audience. This trend has been a growing sphere of opportunity as more people seek out ad-free and premiere content from their favorite thought leaders, artists, musicians, actors, and so on.

Another powerful aspect of the app is that it gives all its users the chance to earn revenue by using it and inviting others to join. “Every user that registers on Monytize.com will be given a Visa debit card,” explains Terrell about how the system works. “Every month, the cash that they have “earned” through inviting friends and using the platform will be uploaded into the card. In turn, they can use the value inside in any way they wish to.”

Speaking of the current success that Monytize has experienced, Terrell only feels grateful for the opportunity to help others in need. “It’s very emotionally rewarding to see not only online personalities embrace the Monytize platform, but also to see a surge in support from the media companies,” the founder and CEO of Monytize shares. “It’s great to see all participants come together to improve the lives of so many people in need.”

Terrell Samuels hopes that his venture will start a new income-generating revolution across groups from all backgrounds. He believes that the digital age has brought about a new wealth transfer that’s leveling out income streams to people worldwide. Nowadays, people can become millionaires with little to no capital with nothing more than a Facebook page, Instagram account, or YouTube channel. Terrell hopes that his company can create an army of those self-made content creators.

To learn more about Terrell Samuels and Monytize, visit the company’s official website.

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