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Renowned career coach Karen Laidlaw brings an important resource that shares ways people can fall back in love with their career especially coming out of a period like the past year and a half.

Renowned career coach Karen Laidlaw has released a helpful resource for those looking to rekindle the romance with their jobs.

Titled “Three Easy Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Career“, the e-book explores options beyond staying and suffering or quitting.

Karen, who has spent a lifetime in the corporate world as a leadership facilitator and executive coach, has talked to many women who feel stuck, underutilized, demotivated, and wanting something different.

Karen describes in three sections some simple steps to take to love their career again. 

The first way talks about “Conceiving,” which Karen says requires people to determine what they really want.

“Sometimes it can be hard to know what we really want, what represents dreaming big for us. Often it can be easier to start with what we don’t want, think of what’s the opposite and work our way into what we do want,” explains Karen.

The method is a powerful and positive way individuals can leverage their complaints and dissatisfactions into what they want to create. 

The e-book includes a section where individuals can freely write their thoughts.

Meanwhile, the second way to fall in love with their career again is “Believing,” which takes a dive into developing confidence.

As Karen defines it, confidence is the feeling of self-assurance that comes from an appreciation of one’s abilities and qualities, and an acceptance of one’s flaws. 

“It’s tapping into our inner knowing and acting from there,” she says.

Karen presents three universal self-limiting beliefs that commonly get in the way of having that confidence: 1) hopelessness, the sense that it won’t happen for them; 2) helplessness, the sense of focusing on ‘can’t’ and expecting our fears to be confirmed; and 3) not-enoughness, the sense that they are not ‘something’ enough. 

The third way to rekindle the romance is about “Achieving,” which suggests that individuals “take the necessary steps to get there.” 

In this section, Karen talks about building one’s own brand, strengthening relationships and networks, and spotting opportunities.

Individuals can jot down their thoughts and answer questions like “What am I going to do first?” and “What am I going to do next?” 

Karen has curated and collected hundreds of tips and techniques to help individuals move forward to their next step. 

This esteemed career coach helps women because she is particularly aware of their unique challenges and roadblocks; she’s been there and she’s done it herself. You can read parts of her story in the e-book.

With a focus on courage, clarity, and confidence and calling on her experience as a cheerleader, she works with women who are already successful but wanting support to take that bold next step forward.

Karen has scaled up efforts to bolster a community of ambitious, balanced women who want to have a career and a life they love. 

Individuals can download the PDF format of the e-book for additional information on the topic using this link. Everyone will also find other free stuff on her website including a couple of guides that are part of her upcoming course called Goal-Getting 101:  The Absolute Easiest Way to Reach a Goal. Want to try out coaching with Karen? Use this link to schedule a FREE 15-minute call.

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