The Necessity Introduction To The Whole House Water Purification System 1

Water purifier, also known as water purifier and water quality purifier, is a water treatment equipment that deeply filters and purifies the water quality according to the use requirements of water. The water purifier usually refers to a small purifier used for household use.

The Necessity Introduction To The Whole House Water Purification System 2

Necessity of reverse osmosis water purifier installation(RO water purifier with very low noise)

1. The situation of water pollution is grim

Today’s industrial pollution, agricultural pollution and domestic pollution will worsen our water quality. Most areas begin to pay attention to sewage treatment, reduce pollution and protect our ecology. However, it will take some time for the damaged water quality to be restored. With the emergence of water purifiers, we can filter the pollution of tap water!

2. Risk of secondary pollution of tap water(Big flow rate RO water purifier)

Although the tap water leaves the factory after multiple disinfection and sterilization of the water plant, it still needs to pass through the urban water transmission pipe network to enter the user’s home. Some pipes have not been repaired for a long time, and thick dirt and moss may accumulate in the pipe. The tap water flowing through such pipe network is easy to suffer from secondary pollution.

3. Drinking water should be not only healthy, but also fast(New series RO water purifier)

From boiling water to barreled water and water vending machine, drinking water is also more convenient and fast, but there are many disadvantages. Generally, the preservation period of barreled water is about 48 hours. If it is placed too long, it will become stagnant water, which is easy to cause bacteria breeding and pollution in the water. If there are few family members and little water consumption, it will be in a dilemma of drinking expired water or wasting water resources, which will be a lot of expenses in the long run. In the face of these problems, today’s water purifier is a better choice.

With the increasingly severe situation of water pollution, the problem of daily drinking water safety has penetrated into all aspects of our life. Therefore, installing a water purifier at home is one of the most effective ways for users to ensure the health of household drinking water.

Introduction to the whole house water purification system

Bluepure has mastered the core technology of the whole industry chain, collected the pain point feedback of nearly 10000 families on the whole house water purification through big data, and continuously improved and upgraded the products. The product line covers the whole house water treatment equipment such as pre-treatment, central deep purification, central hard water softening, end direct drinking machine, pipeline machine and commercial drinking machine.


Generally, after the water meter is installed on the main water pipeline, it intercepts particle impurities such as rust and sediment, and protects other water purification products and water related equipment such as faucet, bathroom, solar energy, washing machine and refrigerator.

Central water purifier

After the prefilter installed on the main water pipeline, it can remove small impurities such as residual chlorine, heavy metals, heterochromatic odor and colloid in the water, greatly improve the quality of tap water and meet most uses.

Water softener

Generally installed before entering the water pipe of sanitary equipment, it can soften the water quality and remove scale. Soft water bath foam is rich, it can remove the dirt that blocks the pores, protect your skin, and ensure that the skin is relaxed after bathing. Wash clothes cleaner and keep a bright color; At the same time, it can keep the faucet, shower, bathtub and toilet as bright as new and avoid common yellow water stains.

Terminal water purification products

It can remove hormones, antibiotics, residual chlorine, heavy metals, and some products can also remove lead, bacteriostasis, scale, etc. It is generally used for drinking, cooking rice and soup, washing vegetables and fruits, etc. it is a water purification product with the highest popularity.

The whole house water purification is a comprehensive and complex system project, but it is very necessary to install it. Compared with the kitchen stainless steel water purifiers with single function, the whole house water purification can bring safer and cleaner drinking water to all aspects of family life. The price of the whole house water purification system provides different solutions according to different indicators such as water consumption and water quality requirements.

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