Meet Ausum, The Startup Making Commute Smarter and Joyful 1

As the world prepares to return to the office en masse after nearly 18 months at home, New York tech startup Ausum is here to help commuters start their days out smarter.

“Ausum is here to help our users get smarter, faster,” said CEO Yaniv Gilad, “in a world suffering from content overload, curation matters. Ausum creates personalized content feeds tailored to each user, and distills each story down to its essence, saving our users time and helping them start their day smarter and more productively.”

Ausum creates personalized, high-quality audio summaries of the news you love, featuring news and lifestyle content from dozens of world-class publishers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and many more. 

The company is betting big not only on curation, but on the future of audio. With podcast and audiobook consumption at all-time highs, Ausum pledges to “turn long reads into short listens,” with professional voice talent narrating each article summary. 

How Ausum Help Your Life?

Ausum gives the millenials a treasure they will forever cherish. Users can listen to their favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime; enjoy the commute in a whole new way; fill up on knowledge while you wait for the bus or train; learn something new when stuck in traffic. The effect allows for a personalized lean-back audio experience perfect for a morning commute, a workout, or countless other moments throughout the day. Ausum is making every seconds of your life a treasure.

“It’s this combination of the human touch and sophisticated AI that makes the Ausum experience not just informative, but immersive, immediate, and enjoyable,” continued Gilad, “You can just hit play and go. You’ll get to the heart of top stories without even looking at your screen.”  

Backed by Viola Ventures, Globis Capital, and Rhodium, Ausum launched October 1 with iOS, Android, and web applications. ”We’re excited and thankful for the investor support and user adoption and we’re eager to help more people start out smarter each and every day.”

Ausum is Awesome!

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