SIDUS: NFT HEROES vs. Splinterlands: Which NFT Game is better? 1
Sidus NFT Heroes Vs Splinterlands

Splinterlands is one of the more famous NFT collection games out there using trading card game (TCG) elements as their gimmick. Emerging competitors like SIDUS: NFT HEROES are challenging the biggest play-to-earn titles and it seems, they could win it all.

SIDUS HEROES is creating a buzz around the NFT gaming space right now, with all its unique gameplay elements. The game boasts a more enjoyable RPG space story that goes just a bit further than collecting trading cards. SIDUS is offering a fun space exploration with some of the most original heroes you’ll ever see.

Splinterlands Is An Idle Game, Not a TCG

When considering NFT games, earning capability is one thing and gameplay is quite another. Beyond a game’s capacity to make you money off selling tokens and in-game currency, replayability and gameplay loops can dictate the viability of a play-to-earn title.

Splinterlands is a TCG title that feels like the Adobe Flash version of Hearthstone. It offers a colorful collection of elementals, fairies, monsters, and wizardry, just like the latter. Unfortunately, the graphics can be hit and miss, and its gameplay is both simplistic and short.

Players purchase cards and trade them with each other using specific rules like mana cap. While the designs are colorful, the gameplay itself is weirdly missing. The gameplay loop creates an automated clash of card teams, with the game automatically deciding who wins.

That’s it.

It would be a stretch to call Splinterlands a ‘game’; it could more accurately be described as a regular trading card game. With matches on auto, all players can do is wait for everything to finish. There’s very little they can do to influence the outcome.

SIDUS Packs Action and Exploration While You Earn

Gameplay and replayability seem to be the focus points that SIDUS HEROES is trying to achieve. On the website, SIDUS boasts as many as 6,000 different Heroes, many of which are listed on the open marketplace. There are also several activities you can perform as you play.

If you buy one of the 4,000 Original Heroes, you may be able to upgrade them to the next level. Collect the required upgrade cards and you can push your Heroes to Legendary or even Rarelevel. The higher your NFT Hero’s rarity, the more rewards you receive within the SIDUS metaverse economy.

SIDUS players can explore the metaverse, influence the in-game politics, plunder the galaxy and build up their own corner of the universe. This assures explorers fun gameplay that actively provides immersion and wonder. SIDUS NFT HEROES offers a level of gameplay you won’t find in any other NFT game.

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