Entrustient Launches the First No Code Solution for Trusted Decentralized Digital Identity, Using Self-Sovereign Identity on Redundant Blockchains

Entrustient, a leading developer of Decentralized Digital Identity, is paving the way in bring the new look of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Verifiable Credentials as a service, while releasing an ease of use No Code solution to the marketplace.

“When building product-market-fit for our platform, we listened constantly to frustrated customers who embraced the concept of SSI, Verifiable Credentials and Blockchains, but who gave up on piecemealing a solution. And the reasons were mostly due to the lack of specialized SSI developers, implementing complex SDK’s and code builds, and trying to provision onto blockchain networks,” says Tim Dutta, Chairman and CEO of Entrustient: “Our goal was to put the power back into the hands of users who do not have any coding knowledge or experience, to accelerate the time to configure and launch an entire Trusted Decentralized Digital Identity peer-to-peer ecosystem.”

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Shortly after launch, Entrustient demonstrated product market fit with a variety of customers and partners globally, who are now using their enterprise platform.

“Entrustient is taking an innovative and important approach to decentralized digital identity with its no-code solution,” says Heather Dahl, CEO, Indicio. “This elegant approach sets a new industry standard for adopting verifiable credentials, developing trusted data ecosystems, and driving self-sovereign identity around the globe. We’re excited to see one of the Node Operators for the Indicio Network come out with such a dynamic, market-ready ecosystem. We see this as the latest in a series of signals from our community and customers of the strong demand for complete decentralized identity solutions.”

“Entrustient has been a valuable partner in providing certification of completion for all our EdTech programs, including our annual EdTech Week where over 5,000 leading industry investors, founders, corporations, universities, educators, administrators, policy makers, media, and students all come together, to collaborate on industry innovations and the future of global EdTech,” said Ash Kuluarachchi, CEO of StartEd.

“The Entrustient solution is very valuable to our program. It rewards our recipients with a verifiable credential from the blockchain, that demonstrates to employers, investors and other 3rd party verifiers, the entrepreneurial accomplishments at City University of New York (CUNY), Startups. I really am impressed with the portability and agency it gives our participants to prove earned skills and credentials, for verification of potential employment opportunities instantaneously, with anyone, anywhere, and at any time” comments, Remy Arteaga, Executive Director of CUNY Startups.

“The Entrustient platform allowed Jeppiaar Institute to instantly issue secure digital verifiable credentials for technical thesis presentations, achievement and competency certificates for all global technical conferences and grade transcripts for their students and faculty, knowing credential holders will have full agency of their credentials and immediate proof of their accomplishments to anyone directly from the blockchain,”  said  Mr. Annamalai, HOD, Information Technology Department at Jeppiaar Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India.

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