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The thrill of VR (Virtual Reality) gaming comes from its first-person viewpoint and each player’s ability to navigate, view, and manipulate the virtual environment.

META FANTASY announced FantaGlass wearable for immersive 3D experience 2

A successfully realistic VR environment needs a huge inventory of high-quality scanned and painstakingly modeled 3D objects. The only practical way to quickly build up a sizeable VR inventory is to mobilize the wisdom and creativity of the crowd to help build and own the 3-D objects. Without a complete understanding of real world economics through AI-optimized incentives and reward models, no Metaverse platform will gain significant adoption. META FANTASY is therefore utilizing the full suite of BIGANT technologies to drive adoption of Fantaverse, a fully open and community driven Metaverse, by creators, gamers, and traders alike.

“What we are focusing on is a platform that runs on virtually every device,” says Julian CHANG, CTO of META FANTASY. “You could use the VR headset, your smartphone, or your tablet. You could even use your desktop PC. It should be straightforward, easily-accessible, no matter where you are and whatever your device”, he adds.

META FANTASY announced FantaGlass wearable for immersive 3D experience 3 

META FANTASY, a Metaverse technology and gaming company, who recently partnered with Grayscale Asia-Pacific to develop FantaVerse, has officially announced their first headset product, which supports all major desktop and mobile-OS’es and devices.  FantaGlass brings a whole new level of immersive experience to the Fantaverse. Most recently, a number of video clips featuring the unreleased wearable have been released. META FANTASY will also be hosting the Connect conference this week, which further hinted at an impending release date for the FantaGlass.

FantaGlass weighs an incredibly 85g only and folds just like any pair of sunshades that fits in your pocket. It features a 43-degree Field of View (FoV) and 1920×1080 resolution per eye, powered by dual micro-OLED displays with stunning 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 1800 nits brightness. A dedicated IMU with enhanced sensor fusion supports 9-axis enhanced motion and proximity sensing. Pair FantaGlass with any handheld VR controller and you will be slicing and dicing right away in Fantaverse.

META FANTASY announced FantaGlass wearable for immersive 3D experience 4

The Metaverse, according to Julian, is already all around us, connecting millions of people, businesses, and all aspects of our physical world. In fact, it is evolving into the next Internet. Like the Internet, the Metaverse will accommodate a wide spectrum of users operating from low-res handheld devices, all the way up to hi-res immersive headset with VR running platforms.

 META FANTASY announced FantaGlass wearable for immersive 3D experience 5

No doubt, FantaGlass allows META FANTASY developers and creators alike to experience firsthand how their creations look and feel in VR. “Most importantly, the affordable FantaGlass allows anyone to experience the Metaverse today, some possibly for the first time ever. And we hope that FantaGlass in combination with Fanterverse will introduce the Metaverse to the masses”, espouses Julian.

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