Dallas Sober Living Home Program Goes the Extra Mile; Helping Former Addicts Find Happiness, Employment and Purpose 1

Sober living homes are still somewhat of a relatively new concept, but one that is proven to help change lives. Those suffering with addiction or alcoholism make the decision to move into a home that provides a safe environment, free from alcohol and drugs.  The homes are supervised 24-7 by staff who provide support and care on the road to sobriety.

While many are successful, Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living are going the extra mile by taking those with addictions and turning them into productive members of society who are happy, healthy, and who find joy in having purpose.

The team’s program is somewhat groundbreaking, providing direction, fellowship, accountability, employment and healthy encouragement, through therapy, consistent diet and exercise, continuous employment and a community of support.

Below, we look at the concept of sober living, and how Real Deal Sober Living are leading the way in supporting and reforming current and former addicts:

The impact of sober living homes across Dallas

A lot of the residents at social living homes have either recently exited a rehabilitation center or are looking for a new approach to sobriety. While many find the traditional approach to sober living beneficial, some find that lesser quality programs are simply an abstinence from drugs or alcohol, without genuine reform or guidance.

Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living believe that the road to recovery for people in Dallas is a lot more than just abstinence from drugs or alcohol. In a city which offers so many things to do, jobs to secure, and people to meet, they shift the focus to provide a supportive and productive culture, founded on community, accountability, health and support.

Today, this community is helping people live better lives. You can find real examples of this by following Real Deal Recovery on Facebook.

Crafting a program with clear focus

Those who have suffered with addiction are often dealing with broken lives or misguided views on normality, and this can make it difficult to live in a normal society. While the program helps residents successfully transition sober life in the real world, in reality, it has a much bigger impact on their lives.

  1. Be accountable and attend daily meetings and weekly accountability groups
  2. Find and maintain employment
  3. Improve health and wellbeing, through therapy, spiritual meetings, diet, nutrition and exercise
  4. Learn basic life lessons and how to become productive
  5. Join a community
  6. Keep family members updated
  7. Be supported by live-in management

To learn about the benefits of sober living, visit: https://sites.google.com/view/realdealrecov/

Why Dallas is the perfect location for sober living homes

Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living is the ideal location to start your journey to recovery, with jobs located nearby, great transportation links, and plenty of opportunities on your doorstep. Their sober living home in Dallas is not only a fantastic place to live and a stunning temporary home to call your own, but the culture inside is extremely productive.

The amenities at all locations include live-in house managers, regular drug and breathalyzer testing, daily meetings, and comfortable homes with all bills paid, with signature programs offering even more.

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More Information:

Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living are a group of highly structured, highly productive sober living homes. Our focus is not on just avoiding drugs and alcohol. That creates misery. And we want to create a life more than that.

Source: https://pressrelease.cc/dallas-sober-living-home-program-goes-the-extra-mile-helping-former-addicts-find-happiness-employment-and-purpose/

About Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living

We are a group of highly structured, highly productive sober living homes. Our focus is not on just avoiding drugs and alcohol.

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10219 Sunridge Trail
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Website: https://rdsoberliving.com/dallas-tx/addiction-treatment-center

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