ARize: How NFTs are revolutionizing the Healthcare sector 1

ARize: How NFTs are revolutionizing the Healthcare sector 2

ARize gives the necessary support, knowledge, and experience needed for the creation and development of a Metaverse, saving businesses a lot of time, money, and effort!

Providing the necessary expertise for 3D creation on any scale, for business’s asset experience. With a state-of-the-art 3D content streaming service, from individual products to full-blown Metaverse creation through its excellent network of 3D creators. 

ARize handles the company’s technology demands and infrastructure, allowing users to focus on creative story and experience without having to worry about technology. Across any device (Mobile/ Tablet / Desktop) it makes it easy to instantly distribute content to audiences.

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NFTs in the Healthcare sector

We all know that NFTs are disrupting the art world in a major way. The rising popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens has opened doors for so many creatives that were previously inaccessible to them. Artists in developing countries have access to new revenue streams, leveling the playing field in an industry traditionally guarded by the elite.

But, NFTs are not just disrupting the art world but also the healthcare sector as well. They have found purpose in some surprising places, increasing their value in the digital world. In an age where companies leverage patient health and fitness data, NFTs represent a unique opportunity.

By allowing personal health data to be tokenized and owned by patients themselves, people would have the ability to choose which data they share or sell, and track how their data is used and by whom.

Start-up companies like Aimedis already have an NFT on the market, while health monitoring app Go! Can collect activity and wellness data from popular apps and create well-being NFTs for users traded on the open market.

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ARize is Metaverse’s top provider and creator of 3D and augmented reality (AR) products and experiences. Its one-of-a-kind 3D NFT marketplace connects 3D creators with businesses and employs cutting-edge 3D streaming technology to distribute high-quality visuals over the internet and beyond. 

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