Schakow and Mercandante Houses the Team of Most Efficient Injury Lawyer Gainesville FL
Schackow & Mercadante, P.A.
Accidents can change lives forever. A person who was driving perfectly a minute ago may transform into a paralyzed bundle within a second’s accident.

What if the accident happened due to the negligence of another person? Ask the Injury Lawyer Gainesville FL at Schakow & Mercadante, and one will know how to file for compensation against the defendant.

Apart from extreme knowledge and expertise in the field of law, the injury attorneys working at the firm have equally good knowledge in medicines, most of which is owing to handling various accident cases. The knowledge helps them understand the extent of the injury and its possible effects on the physical and mental health of the victim. They will talk with the medical experts and gather all opinions to prove in the courtroom the exact medical condition of the plaintiff.

One of the crucial factors that matter in the compensation claims is the right time to place the appeal. The experts at the firm try to utilize the maximum part of the statute of limitation to ensure the final condition of the plaintiff after the accident.

  • The waiting period gives ample time to the doctors to conclude whether the deformities or injuries are permanent.
  • In case the plaintiff needs complete assistance, it will help to draw the projected expense for such assistance annually to determine the accurate claim amount.

Two years is also a good span to undergo rehabilitation and calculate the expense for further mental therapies.

It is easier to prove the physical trauma than the mental suffering. It is more difficult to define it in terms of financial units. But the experienced Personal Injury Gainesville FL at the firm will ensure the right ways to prove the mental trauma of the plaintiff that can affect the entire lifestyle of the person. One can fail to be in any relationship owing to the trauma, leading to separations. Also, some permanent behavioural changes can lead to inabilities like fear of driving the car or anxiety attacks. It is mandatory to claim accordingly.

At the press conference last week, the owner of the firm said, “We are glad that our assistance is helping many people to lead a better life even after horrific accidents. Our lawyers are professional but also compassionate. In most cases, our clients thank us for the way we stand by them at the most difficult time of their lives. And we would like to live up to the expectations in the same way.”

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