LYRA Launches New DeFi AI System 1

LYRA Launches New DeFi AI System 2

New York, USA – Understanding the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) concept is critical to every crypto user who wants to maximize their earning potential in this new space. With DeFi, traditional banking capabilities are now available to everyone but in a more intuitive, innovative, and user-centric way — the average Joe can leverage a myriad of platforms and protocols and circumvent the shortcomings of traditional centralized banks and policies. For this reason, the DeFi industry is booming. 

DeFi improves transparency (as opposed to financial institutions), where users have full control of their assets. Moreover, it enables near-immediate fund transfers, and is available to everyone (not only the rich).

One of the uses of DeFi is borrowing and lending, and there are several advantages of borrowing and lending through DeFi — including, speed, lower transaction costs, easily accessible to all, and equity where participants reap a larger share of profits.

However, with the rapid innovation in the industry, it can be pretty daunting to handpick the right DeFi protocol for staking, among the numerous options available. It takes diligence and in-depth research to pick one where liquidity pools are safe and secure, and the lending protocol offers the highest returns. Often, it seems like the most profitable projects are the riskiest.

That’s where LYRA (Leverage Yield Risk Analytics) comes in. LYRA is a proprietary AI system developed to access public data, enabling the system to mitigate risks involved in leveraged farming. As a DeFi “Analytics Tool” that analyses all DeFi protocols and on-chain data, it also monitors interest rates of borrowed assets to ensure that users are leveraging the best-yielding protocols at the most optimal levels.

The LYRA team has mapped out a clear plan running from 2022 to 2024, where they would begin with analytics data collection, development of analytics tools and the development of LYRA. In 2022, we will see the launch of LYRA DeFi’s Staking Protocol, and the next two years will see multiple upgrades and additions added to its offerings, including its token, borrowing/lending functionalities, multi-chain decentralized exchange and more. With LYRA, users can manage and maximize their DeFi portfolio, giving them the best returns with the least risks.


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