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When we think about our future, a majority of us are concerned about the well-being of planet Earth. Climate Change and its effects have been a growing topic of global discussion and a key problem we face in the future, for decades to come. As technology evolves, so do the means for solving the problem, and it won’t need to be a drastic change in one week, it will begin to increasingly affect our world even in the smallest ways we can think (e.g. micro plastics).

There are different solutions that can be implemented to change the way we use and manage our resources. One of these solutions is Mother Nature NFT Collection by Renewable Earth Club. NFT investors are fast-moving toward Nature NFT collections. These NFT collections have so much growth potential and powerful real-world utility. Daily are their new breakthroughs in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. Innovations like these leave us with plenty of cause for optimism and hope that they’ll change the status-quo. As the human race continues to be faced with significant issues, consider how the Mother Nature NFT Collections can help you shape a better tomorrow – with some innovative thoughts about how to use NFTs to make the planet a more beautiful and habitable place.

Lately, we have seen many successful NFT launches. The new project, entitled Mother Nature NFT Collection, by Renewable Earth Club, is introducing a new trend, among others, in the NFT space. You are probably wondering why Renewable Earth Club’s NFT Collection is so different than what we have seen to date. Most projects will launch hundreds of NFTs for the public to mint (initial purchase) and it tends to end there, where the holders can trade on secondary markets. However, with the Mother Nature NFT Collection, things are different. Their two major goals of this project are:

  1. To raise $1M to various non-profit organizations that are fighting climate change and helping disenfranchised communities. The Discord community members that mint the NFTs will get a chance to decide where some of the funds go.
  2. As discussed with the community members, they will look for ways to cut living costs, especial utility costs, by utilizing and implementing sustainable infrastructures in communities across the globe.

The Mother Nature NFTs Collection Creator, Renewable Earth Club’s founder, is more focused on quality than on quantity in their project. For example, the story behind Mother Nature, the main character of the NFTs, occurs in a parallel universe in the Metaverse, where there’s a perpetual overcast and rain. Facing a similar situation to our climate crisis, Mother Nature has decided to take action to save her world from certain doom, by researching and conducting expeditions to find solutions to this global crisis. She promised to stop the rain once she returns home, and she will share 10,000 photos of her memories with the fully pledged members of a community that are ready to help, and implement solutions based on her research. As a result, a community of environmentalists has started to take shape to support her in her research.

At Renewable Earth Club, their mission is to strive to fund various non-profit organizations that contribute to conservation and sustainable infrastructures. Their vision is to defeat the environmental crisis and ensure that all species thrive. On top of donations to NGOs, they’re going to provide utilities to their minters and holders. For more information about Mother Nature NFT Collection, join them on Discord and visit:

Discord Community: https://discord.gg/p6xjm5UK4C

Website: https://renewable-earth.club

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mothernature.nft

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTMotherNature

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mothernature.nft

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