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A leading provider of drone solutions, GenPac Drones, ads to their range of products with the acquisition of Responder Cast, a cost-effective live stream platform for easy transmission of live data

GenPac Drones has become one of the leading names in the drone solutions industry in the United States and the company recently reiterated their commitment to delivering the best possible experience to clients with the addition of Responder Cast to their range of products. This product allows more clients to access the revolutionary live streaming solution, in partnership with Responder Air.

The global drone solutions market has exploded in the last couple years, a phenomenon that can be largely attributed to the emergence of more brands and solutions, new technologies and the increasing adoption by businesses and individuals. A recent report published by Verified Market Research, put the value of the global drone services market at $10.88 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will hit $60.67 billion by 2028. The amazing figures do not necessarily translate into maximum satisfaction for all stakeholders. By acquiring ResponderCast, GenPac is ensuring that businesses and individuals alike will have the best tools available to maximize the usefulness of their drones. The solution is designed to enable fast and secure live transmission without huge bandwidth requirements.

In addition to helping clients develop custom UAV programs, GenPac also works with partners across the industry, including the biggest manufacturers and service providers, to help clients find the right products and solutions to meet their specific needs. GenPac also provides on-site UAV services for organizations that do not have the required resources to start their own in-house drone programs.

GenPac’s unique combination of deep product understanding, quality service and availability has endeared the brand to hundreds of organizations across multiple industries. “Aaron and the folks at GenPac were extremely helpful in assisting KPUD in selecting the right UAV package to meet our needs. They know the capabilities of the equipment and understand how we in the utility industry are going to use them. Aaron came on site to demo 2 different options and gave us time in the field to do some real world testing. We have since purchased 2 UAV systems and 2 different camera payloads for using in our inspection programs in KPUD.” – Mark Garner, Customer Engineering Supervisor – Goldendale, WA.

For further information about GenPac and the variety of products offered, visit – GenPac can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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