Ludi Delfino – The World’s First Truly Famous E-commerce Model Is Going Viral On Social Media 1
Ludi Delfino is considered the most successful e-commerce model. Her viral videos and images play a big role in her popularity.

“Ludi Delfino” and “most successful e-commerce model” are words that are not regularly mentioned in the same sentence. What is her secret sauce, or shall we say viral sauce? 

It is early summer in 2021. Tiktok and Instagram feeds are buzzing with viral videos and images of a face that is instantly recognizable, but most people can’t exactly remember where. A second look at the face and it clicks – it is “that girl.” The one you see on all the fancy e-commerce stores modelling the beautiful outfit you are about to purchase. What most people don’t realize is “that girl” is Ludi Delfino @ludidelfino on Instagram – a highly successful e-commerce model with a career spanning over a decade.

A virtual hangout with Ludi provides some unparalleled insight into her world. Becoming a social media sensation has kept her very busy. The more people buy the outfits Ludi models, the more work she gets. Nowadays, she is shooting between 100 – 150 looks a day, depending on the client.

For Ludi, modelling started from a young age. Spurred by her mother, she began modelling in her native Brazil. She tried to make the cut as a runway model, but she was told she lacked the conventionally pretty looks of a runway model. Not to be deterred, Ludi kept at it and got her big break with modelling for e-commerce stores. 

Working with top fashion brands such as Forever 21, SHEIN, BCBG, Lauren Moshi, Lulus, Target,  Fashion Pass, Bebe, ASTR, just to mention a few has made her a top-selling e-commerce model. The one brand that shone the light on her work as an e-commerce model is Revolve – a brand she has worked with for 10 years and counting. Ludi has become so intertwined with the Revolve brand that she has been nicknamed “the Revolve girl” by online shoppers – a name that brings giggles to her radiant face.

She credits her success to having a healthy support system. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was away for four months, shooting five days every week. At the same time, she was studying for her health coaching lenience. How did she manage to pull it all off? A super supportive husband, Eric Chambers who did the cooking and kept her healthy, while she gave work and study all the effort she could muster.

One look at Ludi’s physique and you would know the Brazilian loves to stay in top shape – pilates being her favorite exercise by far. In her words, “Pilates has changed my body.” She also loves to play volleyball which was how she met her husband.

You would think that as an elite model living in California, Ludi will be out and about at the latest parties. She proves to be quite the opposite – “I recently went to a party for the Super Bowl and I was like, “What am I doing here?” Sleep is so important for me. I get my eight hours daily. My husband and I joke about who’s going to get to sleep when we start having kids.”

While she might not be globe-trotting around the world for Fashion Week or shooting with top photographers, she is thankful for e-commerce which she credits with changing her career. “E-commerce definitely changed my career and a lot of models’ careers because it keeps us busy. There’s work so often now.”

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