MYG Coin Is Offering a Free Coin and An Interactive Community to Help Integrate Crypto Usage in The Gaming and Streaming Arena 1
Crypto enthusiasts, gamers and enthusiasts can find a relatable community on the MYG coin platform

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about travel regulations and restricted human interaction. Many were trapped and couldn’t associate with their loved ones. Others soon found a community in gaming platforms. Social media ensured that gamers were not all alone but even helped to forge enduring friendships and create thriving relationships. MYG Coin desires to foster even closer relationships by the development of a crypto currency that creates a space for online gamers or streamers (and game developers) who are also crypto enthusiasts.

MYG Coin is a coin created for Streamer as a way of rewarding their audience with the crypto coins MYG Coin. The coins are at a 100% off discount from their partners at Upon request from streamers and game developer 90% of all existing MYG Coins will be given away for free.

The MYG Coin has numerous advantages in that it comes with its own android app, discord server, block explorer, windows, Linux and a web wallet. It also has community commands for the MixItUp-Bot to acquaint and help streamers get started easily using the coin. Furthermore, a compilation of YouTube tutorials exists in order to explain the first few steps.  

The project seeks to create a platform using crypto where streamers, gamers and their audience can come together and also increase the adoption of crypto. It affords the opportunity of a stream or game-implementation idea to be promoted on their social media channels.  It is important to note that this project is solely for fun and not profit.

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Block Explorer:



Free coins via Discord and (Lucky wheel with 100% OFF) coupon codes.

MixItUp Community Commands:







Telegram: (currently linking to Discord)


About MYG Coin

MYG Coin believes that creating a personal in-game ecosystem is highly welcome and is a possibility. The release of their coin is to increase the awareness of cryptocurrency adoption in the streaming and gaming world.

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