On the Verge, Luiz Ruiz Talks Life and the Success Behind La Carniceria Meat Market 1

Entrepreneur and CEO Luis Ruiz has big things planned for his butcher shop in the coming new year. Ruiz is the owner and CEO of La Carniceria Meat Market and focuses on offering the best quality meat in the business. Having moved to Los Angeles at age 21 with little to no experience in the industry, Ruiz obtained a job in a butcher shop where he acquired the necessary knowledge to advance in his ranking. This has allowed him to become the manager of a butcher shop in South Gate. Ruiz’s drive, determination, and desire to excel led him to saving enough money to buy the shop he was in charge of, giving him the opportunity to make his mark in the industry as one of the best butcher shops in California. La Carniceria Meat Market is the only butcher shop in Los Angeles that belongs to the Japanese Kobe Beef Association. Only some of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants belong to the Association, making this feat a high honor and great privilege.

On the Verge, Luiz Ruiz Talks Life and the Success Behind La Carniceria Meat Market 2

For Ruiz, he prides himself on having a good foundation for his business, referring to his team, to which he often shows his appreciation for by giving back and giving them credit where it’s due. This includes providing them with a good salary and bonuses to thank them for their dedication and hard work. Ruiz also provides his employees with company parties where all of the stores shut down for a day and the employees can enjoy the fruits of their labor and spend quality time together with a celebration. When it comes to community, Ruiz also tries to give back as much as he can. In 2021, Ruiz and his team had the opportunity to give away 800 turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving, as well as the opportunity to donate toys to children for Christmas. He always has the hope to be able to do even more in the years ahead. Though Ruiz is thankful to be able to give back to his employees and his community, he is also appreciative of the support that allowed him to get to this point. The support from his family being the most crucial, having been there with him through the struggles and setbacks of starting and running a business. Ruiz also appreciates his loyal and valued customers, whose support never goes unnoticed.

As far as 2022 is concerned, Ruiz has big plans ahead for his shop, aiming to open 3-4 new locations and is in the process of turning his shop into a franchise. He believes taking this route is the best as he wants to provide easier access to better quality meat and still maintain the integrity of his company. With Luis Ruiz’s determination and drive, there is no doubt that he and his team will succeed in their business endeavors.

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