Global Music NFT Project “Cosmic Voyagers Collective” Will Launch in April 1
Global Music NFT Project "Cosmic Voyagers Collective" Will Launch in April
The project is based on Ethereum and aims to create DAO enabled through music and image NFT.

Global Music NFT Project Cosmic Voyagers Collective (hereafter CVC) will launch their first pre-sales within April on NFT Platform, Opensea.

Global Music NFT Project “Cosmic Voyagers Collective” Will Launch in April 2

CVC is planning to create a PFP(Profile Picture) NFT in each phase within quarters, and the owners of the NFT will be granted various benefits. The owners will also be granted the qualification to become one of the artists on CVC, therefore, generating profits through their music or images. According to the marketing manager, once the distribution and sales of approx. 5,555 artworks are done, the expected income will range around 2 hundred million won(around 165K USD).

Alongside the creation of music NFT, CVC is also expected to release a digital album on a global online music distribution platform. The very first album, “Cosmic Girls”, will be released on May 9th,2022. They stated that later works will be released through decentralized platforms. Although the purchase of NFTs with music grants the owner with digitized ownership, the transference of copyrights and generated profits are often neglected. However, CVC will make use of the Smart Contract System to automatically calculate and transfer a portion of the profit.

CVC is also preparing NFT Airdrops and many more events on the date of music releases on global music distribution platforms such as Spotify and YouTube Music.

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The Whitelist raffle will mark their beginning, offering a 50% discount from the original price to the winners. The first pre-sale will end on April 12th, 9 AM(UTC), and the second pre-sale will end on April 26th, 9 AM (UTC). The official sales will begin on May 10th, at midnight(UTC).

Global Music NFT Project “Cosmic Voyagers Collective” Will Launch in April 3

Global Music NFT Project “Cosmic Voyagers Collective” Will Launch in April 4

This is a sample artwork from CVC’s first sales/distribution, Phase 001.

Global Music NFT Project “Cosmic Voyagers Collective” Will Launch in April 5

Official Banner of CVC.

Team Description

Team CVC is consisted of 6 in-house members working full time to make this project successful. The roles of each member are as follows: music/A&R specialist, sound engineer, 2 webcomic artists, a developer, and a marketer.

With keen senses acquired from 15 years of experience working in the entertainment industry as an A&R specialist and Project Manager, the music director is constantly seeking ways to lead the trend.

The sound engineer works as a quality control manager of all the NFT creations, implementing his broad knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and up-to-date news to this project. His insights made it possible for CVC to make actual moves.

The universe and storyline of CVC were created by 2 webcomic artists who have worked & working with the Naver Webtoon platform. Their touch on the CVC’s NFT artwork has brought a unique design and a solid storyline to CVC’s universe. The team will continue to build more content based on their firm basis.

The developer of the team began his career as a Python Developer. His extensive understanding of algorithms has made it possible for CVC to utilize Ethereum’s Smart Contract system without an effort.

The marketer of the team is constantly seeking ways to intrigue the target customer segment and allocate the right content within platforms with relatable context.

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