Vivarium Film announces the world premiere of its newest film Conquistador Azul, at the 2022 Cinequest Film Festival. 1

Vivarium Film is an award-winning independent film studio with the goal of creating the most unforgettable cinematic narratives out there. The talented team behind Vivarium Film consists of:

  1. Glen Vivaris: He is a professional Director and Cinematographer that also serves as VFX supervisor for the studio. He also runs the DIY YouTube channel Glen Makes.

  2. Shaun Vivaris: He is a writer/director who specializes in narrative film and music videos. He recently directed the feature comedy Lisa Mania, coming to streaming later this year.

  3. Mark Jerome Cruz: He is an experienced producer for both narrative and commercial content, as well as one half of the indie band Cosette.

A complete list of their work can be found on IMDB. In a recent development, Vivarium Film is proud to announce their short film titled CONQUISTADOR AZUL that is premiering at Cinequest 2022. 

CONQUISTADOR AZUL is about a mysterious conquistador obsessed over a group of villagers in 16th century Spain. The short will be a dazzling treat for people who love both period pieces and films that blend elements of scifi/fantasy.

The Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival is an annual independent film festival held in San Jose, California, and Redwood City, California. The international festival combines the cinematic arts with Silicon Valley’s innovation.

 Interested viewers can watch CONQUISTADOR AZUL on Cinejoy April 1-17! Tickets are available now on: Audiences can also join the physical premiere of the stunning short film at Cinequest’s in-person festival in San Jose, CA in August!

Join Vivarium Film on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see more of their work or reach them to collaborate on future projects.

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