XMSLSPKJ Launches Cost-Effective and Ultra Low Power Consumption Solar Security Camera 1
Security camera brand XMSLSPKJ, introduces a new rechargeable/solar security camera that works 24/7 without interruption. This new security camera has a 2K image sensor for recording video night and day.

XMSLSPKJ, a leading security camera brand, introduces a cost-effective 4g solar security camera for outdoor use. A security camera or surveillance cameras are must-have tools for homeowners to protect their properties from criminal activity or unusual behavior. It is also the best equipment for monitoring activities around the neighborhood, supervising family/kids/pet activities, and reducing insurance premiums.  A representative of the camera security store stated. “Setting aside some funds for security cameras will be beneficial for the future. When traveling out of the house, you will feel peace of mind because the security camera is equipped with a 4G network, you can monitor via smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

XMSLSPKJ Launches Cost-Effective and Ultra Low Power Consumption Solar Security Camera 2

Compared with similar products on the market, the power consumption of continuous video recording is reduced from more than 2W to less than 0.3w. It is a truly cross era micropower consumption product. Its Ultra-high compression ratio algorithm can smoother high definition video, longer recording time, the camera uses a CLICK H28 compression algorithm, with a 40% higher compression ratio than H.265 on average. It is capable of uploading high-definition videos at a resolution of 4 megapixels with a 4G network. With a 32GB SD card, the system is capable of storing video for 6 days (24 hours continuously) without overwriting in Auto HD Mode. Moreover, its Optimized file storage algorithm, which massively reduces erase times of the SD card:

XMSLSPKJ Launches Cost-Effective and Ultra Low Power Consumption Solar Security Camera 3

The XMSLSPKJ solar camera outdoor wireless is a top-tier surveillance camera with 3 sides of solar panels. It is made with IP66 waterproof materials and is safe for outdoor use, even in bad weather. Its 3W solar panels are located on 3 sides of the camera and are integrated with a rechargeable battery to provide 24/7/365 power. Homeowners don’t need to install large solar panels to power the camera. In this way, this security camera doesn’t require large space to install the camera, but provides maximum benefit for homeowners and provides ultra-low power consumption.

In addition, the 4g solar security camera night vision has AI portrait detection technology to reduce false alarms. It can detect and record a moving object for 1 minute until no more motion is detected. It’s equipped with a 32GB SD card, it can save videos recorded for more than 6 days (24 hours continuously) without overwriting in Auto Recording Mode. This camera also supports horizontal 250° left and right, and vertical 60° up and down. This will provide maximum viewing angles.  Even at night, the camera can monitor an area of more than 10 meters. Meanwhile, during the day, the camera is able to monitor areas more than 16 meters away.

XMSLSPKJ Launches Cost-Effective and Ultra Low Power Consumption Solar Security Camera 4

About XMSLSPKJ Solar Camera Outdoor Wireless

XMSLSPKJ Camera is a security camera with a 4G network to protect properties from unusual behavior. The camera has PTZ function (Pan 250°, Tilt 60°, and 4x digital zoom). This camera is available to purchase starting from $138.00. It can produce high-quality video recording, up to 2k resolution. Inside the package, there is a security camera, manual, bracket, and antenna.

For more information about the wireless solar camera outdoors, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HTQ3Z92

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