Denver Commercial Litigation Attorney Saves Companies from Copyright Infringement Lawsuits
The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm for Denver Commercial Litigation
*In this release one will get a close look at how to hire the best Denver commercial litigation attorney, to fight and protect one from a matter of infringement.

“I never thought I would need a Denver commercial litigation attorney, until one day out of the blue, after 12 years of successful online marketing and website optimization work, we received a letter from an attorney in another State demanding money for copyright infringement, namely not attributing per the Creative Commons law that exists, which we never knew existed, but since one can’t claim ignorance or at least that won’t ‘pass’ in a court of law, we had to pay a lot for the one time this other firm snapped a shot of us using the image without proper credit to the Source.

I’m much wiser as a result and going forward all images will be properly accredited but still having a Denver commercial litigation attorney on one’s side through a scary legal demand is what makes the whole thing NOT scary and in the end, one can rely on the protection of a good lawyer.”

Business disputes that happen, require the help of a Denver commercial litigation attorney, especially when controversies ripen into lawsuits, and relate to business transactions, usually between a company and a client or between two or more companies.

The potential procedural and substantive issues involved in a case vary in scope and complexity in each situation, but, ordinarily, when negotiations fail to resolve the dispute, the parties will seek relief in a state or federal court or through contractual arbitration.

The case will begin with the parties identifying the factual and legal issues they request the court decide, known as the pleading stage.

The parties will then engage in a formal factual investigation with their Denver commercial litigation attorney and exchange of information called discovery, which may include the interviewing of witnesses and adversaries on the record, an inspection of important objects and properties, and the production of reports by experts.

Finally, if the parties cannot agree on the facts of the case, a trial is held before a jury or the trial judge.

A case concludes with the trial court issuing its judgment.

The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm handles cases at any stage of litigation, in state or federal court or arbitration, and, in most situations, in any State in the country.

Areas of practice for this Denver commercial litigation attorney, include but are not limited to, the following:

• Franchise litigation

• Debtor/creditor disputes

• Fraud and other commercial torts

• Antitrust issues

• Contract disputes

• Commercial lease disputes

• Construction defect litigation

• Recording and foreclosing mechanic’s liens

• Securities litigation and derivative lawsuits

• Civil rights issues and discrimination

• Government condemnations

• Real estate transactions

• Cryptocurrency issues

• Marijuana partnership issues

Provided one is having or expects to have a business dispute of any kind, no matter where one is in the United States, contact The Anthony A. Garcia Law Firm and speak to the #1 Denver commercial litigation attorney for help resolving matters through mediation, arbitration, and trial litigation.

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