WatchCrunch Introduces A Game-Changing Social Network for Watch Enthusiasts 1 is a new discussion platform where watch enthusiasts come to discuss, share, learn, and geek out about watches in a fun, friendly and unpretentious environment.

WatchCrunch was started by a group of watch lovers that were dissatisfied with the experience they’ve been having discussing watches on online platforms.

“We got tired of seeing nothing but Daytonas and Royal Oaks on Instagram because those simply weren’t the watches we were wearing, and when we went to the various watch forums, we kept getting yelled at for posting in the wrong place and not following the rules. So we decided to build something better, designed specifically for watch enthusiasts – an inviting and friendly place to discuss watches,” says Max, one of the co-founders of WatchCrunch.

According to Max, the driving force behind the platform, creating a friendly environment for anyone to come and discuss watches was a key focus point for him and his buddies.

WatchCrunch Introduces A Game-Changing Social Network for Watch Enthusiasts 2

“We wanted to create a place where you can proudly post a picture of your watch regardless of the brand, model, or price, a place where true watch lovers come to discuss watches, not just show off bling pieces with fire emojis everywhere. It was also extremely important for us to create a place where you can come and engage with the community right away. We didn’t want you to have to amass a certain amount of followers or jump through hoops just to be able to create a post. Friendly, inviting, and easy to use is what we focused on,” explained Max.

Fast forward about a year and a half, and today WatchCrunch is a super active and engaged community of watch nerds having a blast talking watches. It seems as though Max’s original vision of a fun, friendly, and inviting place to talk watches has really resonated with the members of this fast-growing community, and watch lovers would be hard-pressed to find any negativity on the platform. 

Scrolling through WatchCrunch, watch nerds can find posts about a plethora of micro brands, vintage watches, watch mods, and anything horology. What really stands out is the amount of deep discussion taking place on the platform. 

“I was really blown away by the level of discussion taking place on WatchCrunch. Many of our community members really take the time to contribute to the community by creating in-depth posts and replies to posts. There is real discussion going on here. It’s a lot more than “cool shot, bro!” said Max. 

According to Max, he and his team are fully dedicated to continuing to improve the platform for the community by constantly adding new features and improvements to the site. One of them is the recently launched “Dark Mode” version which the community was clamoring for.

“We eat, live, and breathe WatchCrunch. We love the members of this community and want to make sure we keep on improving the platform for them by adding new features and constantly tweaking and adjusting things for optimal user experience. If you’re a watch geek like me, you can be sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms on WatchCrunch, so come say hi!” said Max.

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