‘Entrepreneurs Won’t Cry’ by Ken Burgess
The Content Creators of the world are continuing to change the business development, let us see how the new book ‘Entrepreneurs Won’t Cry’ by Ken Burgess compliments it.

Entrepreneurs Won’t Cry by Ken Burgess is a journey in the form of a book that details his life lessons revolving around the various ventures he has undertaken.

A new book is here from an established entrepreneur Ken Burgess. “Entrepreneurs Wont Cry” is a journey in the form of a book that details his life lessons involving the various global business ventures he has undertaken. His tenure reveals precious insights into the life of a seasoned entrepreneur.

This book is a serious, but hopefully, humorous attempt, to both define and assist people, who believe they have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. The book discusses why “Entrepreneurs Won’t Cry” an aspect that reflects on both the author’s positive and negative experiences. The author would say do not delay in taking your thoughts and ambitions further. He has also gone around the concept of a solo or partnership approach in business. Important information about the product and brand image concept is also present. In addition, you will also find out the global enthusiasm for what his beloved ‘Old Granny’ Used to Say, especially if you are sitting on a business idea. Believe in yourself and as the book says, “Don’t hesitate the world is your oyster.” This book provides both guidance and counsel regarding the ‘Pros and Cons’ of fulfilling this ambition. Ken’s success has been highlighted by awards from multiple established parties including, “The Sunday Times Enterprising Britain, The Queens Award for export, runner up in the BBC’s Tomorrows World Program award and Welsh National Business Award and Design Council Award.”

We will also find the financial trends of the author’s life, which have the ability to give us precious insight about the overall growth in the technical sectors of multiple industries. He has exceptionally elaborated the intricate prerequisites of an entrepreneur’s business model with multiple real-life examples. This list of financial successes Ken has mentioned includes Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, James Dyson, among others. Whether you are at school or university, an ambitious youth, or a frustrated pensioner, you too can develop that idea for a new or improved product or service. After the idea passes the seed/feasibility phase, then you must move on to the mechanics of the start-up, the expansion, funding, and ongoing development of the company, into a viable business venture.

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About the Author

The Author, Ken Burgess, is an established British entrepreneur. His motivation to write this book Encouraged by his business partners, and friends have also played an important role throughout his journey. His book is written with a passion that reflects on many of the business sectors of the world. His entrepreneurial journey has been most influenced by his Old Granny, who has also been his light at the end of the tunnel. He has given due business regard to all the entrepreneurs along his journey, which gave him motivation and became a guiding light for him. His book, ‘Entrepreneurs Won’t Cry,’ is a marvel of sorts, for any aspiring business person, young or old, and entrepreneur. In this book, the author describes the actual highs and the lows, the fun and the tears, the gains and the losses of developing an actual idea from seed to start-up that hopefully progresses through to early-stage and eventually into successful maturity. About his book, Ken wholeheartedly anticipates that the stress, uncertainty, and fear that the world is currently experiencing is, we hope, sympathetically addressed on the last page of his book.

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