Celebrating The Female Body Through AI & Human Art & Literature NFT 1
Celebrating The Female Body Through AI & Human Art & Literature NFT
Musess is a collection of 999 portraits of women that celebrate the female beauty. Each exclusive image is an NFT, partnered with its own personal story.

MILAN, ITALY – April 13, 2022 – Impssbl, or how to decentralize storytelling.

Musess is the second story-based project launched by Impssbl, a decentralized studio bridging arts with web3 whose mission is to make the stories of the next one hundred years through AI and decentralization.

Impssbl makes what we call decentralized autonomous stories — NFT projects backed by stories that spin off intellectual property rights co-owned by their communities, that range from characters to novels, from comic books to series.

After the launch of Proof of Story, the pilot, early in January, Musess is the second project to join the Impssbl ranks.

What is Musess? Musess is a collection of 999 portraits of women that celebrate a borderless, inclusive and unveiled female beauty.

The original 100 portraits (the Originals) were imagined and hand-drawn by Eva Adamian, an artist of Armenian heritage, currently living in Italy.

The 100 portraits were then used as inputs in an AI Engine, that redrew them in different styles, creating 899 Impossible Musess.

AI & Human-Written Stories

Musess is an experiment fusing not only human and AI art, but also literature.

Each of the AI-painted Musess comes with an AI-written story, in different genres and formats, from plots to scripts, from letters to poems, from drama to love stories, from sci-fi to adventures.

The Originals have stories, too — written by a network of women writers in web2 and web3.

The AI-Painted Musess

Originals = the holder get the physical painting

The minting is blind, meaning that the Musess choice is at random. If the NFT purchased is an Original (roughly 1 in 10), a second NFT can be redeemed: the physical portrait hand-painted by Eva in Italy and shipped worldwide.

The Original Musess are redeemable for the physical, hand-painted portrait.

The Hunger Games, A Graphic Novel and the Impssbl DAO

The roadmap is divided in milestones. At 25% sold out, musess will gift an Italian-grade Musess journal to 25 random holders.At 50%, 10 AI-Painted Impossible prints will be shipped to the homes of 10 holders. At 75%, Anyone who holds an Original Musess, can now redeem the physical piece, that will be shipped to their house. Whoever hold an AI-Made Musess, can purchase the Impossible Print. 75% is also the soft-cap to announce Season 2.

At 100%, we are launching a community-driven competition (yes, the hunger games) to identify the 5 most upvoted stories of the individual Musess, that will be expanded in a graphic novel co-owned by the community. That’s what we mean by decentralized autonomous story: not only does the owner own the IP for the visuals his Musess, but he will be also be gifted a story built on top of the project, developed by both the studio and the community.

But that’s not it: holding a Musess NFT grants access into: 1) UNTLD.XYZ, a platform to create plots through AI and mint them as NFTS and 2) the upcoming Impssbl DAO — a storytech network that will make the next generation of community-owned stories. And finally, part of the project’s profit will be devolved to a community-chosen women-empowering association.

One of the Original Musess: The future of stories is virtual, decentralized and AI-powered. Let’s tell them together. Cause in the end, it just takes one story.

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