XGODY Alpha-1000W: The World’s Leading Eco-Friendly Portable Home Battery 1
XGODY aims to create a large-capacity mobile power station that every family can afford

As an old brand with the mission of “Everyone Can Afford Tech and Make Life Interesting”, the new power station of XGODY can be said to redefine the price and quality of 1000Wh renewable energy. XGODY is trying to break the current monopoly of the high-capacity battery market. The XGODY Alpha-1000W showcases a true positioning for self-contained power in the ordinary home, mobile office, camping or traveling.

XGODY Alpha-1000W: The World’s Leading Eco-Friendly Portable Home Battery 2

The entry of XGODY carries the most popular new energy material technology on the market, and applies electric vehicle battery technology to household mobile power stations. It can ensure continuous power bank supply even during long power failures or adventure travel; and has more than 2000 repeated charging times, which is equivalent to 3 times the life of ordinary batteries.

XGODY Alpha-1000W for Mobile House, Mobile Offices, Vacation Homes and Private Crisis Prevention

According to the manufacturer, XGODY Alpha-1000W is one of the few brands in the world that dares to apply ‘electric vehicle battery technology to home mobile power stations’. Technically speaking, it is a truly eco-friendly portable household battery.

Combined with XGODY Ecosystem accessories such as extra batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, etc., it can provide emergency power for up to a full day on the basis of extra-large usage and longevity.

Compared with general fuel generators, XGODY Alpha-1000W is a generator powered by LiFePO4 battery, which is quiet, no exhaust gas, efficient and safe. Combining a variety of plugs and efficient input and output can provide consumers with greater convenience and comfort.

XGODY Alpha-1000W: The World’s Leading Eco-Friendly Portable Home Battery 3

Scalable emergency power supply for home and outdoor

A single XGODY Alpha-1000W unit provides 1kWh of capacity. That means you can keep basic appliances like ovens, lights, and CPAP running for hours in the event of a power outage. Thanks to LiFePO4 technology, it can be fully charged within 3 hours.

XGODY Alpha-1000W is with LED light, DC/AC socket, 2 PD 65W Type-C, 2 QC 3.0 USB outputs, it can be perfectly used for RV camping, outdoor travel, family emergency and other situations.

World-class and EV-level security

Through the interview, we learned that the XGODY Alpha-1000W portable power station has 5 core guarantees: overload protection, high temperature and low temperature protection, leakage protection and anti-collision  protection.  The  last  is  the  core  protection  – cost-effective protection, with a service life of up to 2000 times, which is three times that of products of the same price level; according to experiments, the average service life of XGODY Alpha-1000W under normal use is more than 5 years, and can be used in The humidity is 80%, and the temperature is in the range of 0-45°C for normal charging and output.

The author’s comments:

Compared with well-known power supply brands that cost thousands of dollars at every turn, XGODY Alpha-1000W is a well-deserved king of cost-effectiveness; just like XGODY mission, this large-capacity power station is really interesting and affordable for ordinary families,a useful products.

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