Introducing: A new UK music artist “Imnot Jones” 1

Introducing: A new UK music artist “Imnot Jones” 2

P.J Jones, formerly known under the pseudonym 53rdjones, and known to longtime fans as Jones. A personal account that was part of a collective that created music, released professional gaming content, and created other trend based internet content.

Jones undertook the radical choice of deletion and removal of all his own content, and divergence from the group. The Musician; formerly a nationally ranked Sprinter and Pro-Gamer, began a rebrand, with the desire to grow from his past experiences and provide what he believed – was more, to the world. Thus, IMNOTJONES was born.

When not creating music, the IMNOTJONES channel looks at issues with society and relationships, as well as reacting to current events in the world. Although Jones would argue that his main focus is either the creation of advice based content or his pursuit of music.

Although the genre of music varies, whether it be Experimental Rap, Indie, Rock, Trap, or Commercial Pop – none can deny the diversity that he demonstrates in careful navigation from one genre to the next. A staple of the works of IMNOTJONES is his lyricsm and story telling. With his newly released project the “From Another Time EP” which follows a couple through a journey of first falling in love, and things quickly souring. The project released to 50,000 Spotify streams first week and is still rising.

The “From Another Time EP” from IMNOTJONES, released on the 10th of March 2022 on all platforms, and he is currently working on a new project expected to be released early summer.

Media Contact
Company Name: MGG Records and Management
Contact Person: ImnotJones
Email: Send Email
Phone: +447955479322
Country: United Kingdom

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