SHRM Increases ROAS by 400% With Anteriad 1

Improved Digital Strategies and a Data-Driven Audience Approach Drives B2B Marketing Success

Anteriad announced that the company has helped client SHRM increase ROAS by 400% with expansion to the digital email marketing channel and a strategy to better reach core and new audiences. As SHRM’s audience of HR professionals shifted to remote work, Anteriad helped SHRM lean into digital channels, including email, to maintain connection. At the same time, Anteriad helped SHRM create a multi-channel approach, utilizing relevant content for more targeted communication across key topics for HR through the pandemic and beyond. Anteriad also expanded SHRM’s reach, using analytics and B2B audience data to uncover valuable new audiences, such as business owners with HR responsibilities.

“As our core audience shifted to remote work, we turned to Anteriad to create an email-focused B2B marketing approach that could carry us forward. We understood the importance of making sure our offline and online channels had a cohesive strategy. Not only did Anteriad deliver on their multi-channel marketing capabilities, they also dramatically increased our reach by uncovering new audiences,” said Yancey Burgess, Manager, Marketing Audience Segment at SHRM.

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Together, Anteriad and SHRM generated a 4x return on ad spend (ROAS). SHRM served as a critical resource to HR and business leaders throughout the pandemic – providing guidance on everything from Covid-19 protocols to remote work. However, the remote work trend impacted SHRM’s ability to reach their own audience effectively, and the organization turned to Anteriad for help. Anteriad recommended that SHRM rethink their email program to drive new leads and engage them, taking advantage of their successful content engine, and increase email output significantly.

“SHRM needed to reach HR professionals with relevant content wherever they were working. We used a targeted approach for SHRM that leaned on the one constant in our business world, email. Our email program allowed us to speak to our core HR Professional across multiple channels, while also identify new audiences that were outside our core offline audience. As a result, SHRM has a more integrated content-based approach to marketing, more strength on digital channels, and connections with more HR professionals than ever before,” said Patrick Butler, Vice President Client Strategy at Anteriad.

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