Lovewell Offers Customized Wellness Plans Tailored To Individual Relationship 1
The Wellness Center Offers Services For Singles, Couples, & Communities.

Lovewell Offers Customized Wellness Plans Tailored To Individual Relationship 2

Sometimes, it takes more than two to tango.

This is true for clients at Lovewell, an integrative online relationship wellness center hosting some of the leading relationship therapists in San Francisco. Lovewell offers therapy, relationship counseling, and dating coaching for individuals and couples, as well as groups, courses, and corporate events for mindfulness and dating. The center features a comprehensive range of services aimed at helping people improve their relationships with romantic partners, coworkers, friends, and more.

“We address issues such as communication, commitment, infidelity, nervous system regulation, and healthy conflict,” said Lovewell founder, Lauren Korshak, LMFT. “Whether single, dating, engaged, married, or going through a break up or divorce, we can help.” Lovewell sees as its mission empowering individuals in their relationships, destigmatizating mental health, facilitating more authentic connections, and providing an integrative and preventative community approach to health and wellness.

Therapist, author, and former matchmaker Lauren Korshak founded Lovewell to meet a need she saw for community-based support for otherwise healthy individuals struggling with chronic singledom, missed connections, ghosting, and other trials and tribulations of modern dating. “People feel very alone and find it very hard to bounce back after going through traumatic dating experiences. Our approach builds resilience and brings the joy back to dating.”

Korshak, author of the”The Mindful Relationship: Easy Exercises to Make Mindfulness a Daily Relationship Practice,” is known for her practical, mindfulm and somatic approach to couples work and dating coaching. She bridges evidence-based psychotherapy techniques with body-based, holistic, and spiritual perspectives. “I’m grateful for Lauren,” confessed Chris C., one of Lovewell’s early supporters. “She can help facilitate you to a better place, whether you need to fix things or to better prepare for the unknown future of a relationship… You don’t need to have issues to see Lauren, optimizing life now is just as important.”

Other Lovewell team members include Anne Wolfson, MA, NBC-HWCm, a certified wellness coach, and Dr. Susana Scotti, PhD. As Lovewell’s lead relationship coach and online dating consultant, Wolfson brings her experience in mindfulness facilitation, mindful self-compassion and self-care, practical dating and communication skills, and integrative wellness coaching to the center. Team Psychologist, Dr. Susanna Scotti, is an experienced relationship therapist with a background in integrative health, behavioral therapies, and evidence-based treatment.

Research shows that the quality of one’s relationships impacts health and happiness far more than simply having a relationship. As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, the negative effects of social isolation and health stress on people’s relationships are evermore apparent. A recent Medical News Today article recounted that people are experiencing more social anxiety after limiting their human contact to virtual calls and online communication for the last few years. At this time in history, enlisting support, community, and guidance for your relationships is more important than ever… especially at a center like Lovewell where you truly feel you are not alone!

The Lovewell team helps clients with everything from auditing online profiles, date planning, swiping smarter, and recovering from breakups and negative dating experiences to premarital counseling, couples therapy, mindful communication skills for dating and relating, and general wellness guidance for those struggling with anxiety and life transitions. The team offers a course called Metta Date that teaches core mindfulness, self-care, and communication skills for dating, as well as customized corporate classes that teach relating skills. In early summer, Lead Relationship Coach Drew Anne Wolfson is offering a special introductory six-session package to those looking to improve their overall wellness or get back into dating.

Clients may also get further benefits in developing new relationships by voluntarily signing up for Lovewell’s matchmaking database. Furthermore, the center offers its Mindful Relationship book for couples authored by its founder Lauren Korshak and can be ordered directly from its website.

Setting up an appointment with Lovewell’s specialists and more information is available through their website at Lovewell:

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