Cher Major’s Book My Big-GOD’s Masterpiece guides its readers on a journey from self-rejection to self-love. 1
Cher-Major’s three-part book My Big-GOD’s Masterpiece will be an inspiration for people searching for self-love and acceptance.

My Big-GOD’s Masterpiece is written by Nadia Cherise Major, also known as Cher Major.

It is a gripping story about a young woman fighting for self-love because the environment she grew up in harmed her self-esteem. Years later, she received a revelation from GOD that transformed the way she saw herself.

Here is a sneak-peek into what readers can expect from the book:

– The tough environment we grow up in, can make life difficult for us and lead us down a mentally dark path, causing misery along the way.

– It is critical to learn the importance of loving all parts of our body and face, regardless of what the beauty industry considers to be the “perfect” features.

– This book will motivate young girls and women to develop a grateful attitude, recognize that their unique characteristics serve a greater purpose, and not let other people’s words shape their perceptions of beauty.

Apart from writing this book, Cher also started Parts2Whole course, where she helps people combat effects from teasing to help them heal from self-rejection.

Interested persons can listen to the May 3rd interview recording of Cher’s on, channel 7 for more information.

Reedsy professionals complimented Cher on the book. So, judging from their feedback, this seems to be  a book many young ladies can benefit from. My Big-GOD’s Masterpiece is a three-part book consisting of a memoir, a commentary, and poetry which can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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