From using an ear candle to treat her son’s infection to establishing the world’s largest handcrafted ear candle company, Doc Harmony has come a long way 1
Harmony’ Ear Candles completes thirty years in business in 2022

Harmony’s Ear Candle, the world’s largest handcrafted ear candle company, marks thirty years in 2022, with founder Doc Harmony building a successful business by following her calling in 1991. While looking for an effective treatment for her son’s infection, Doc Harmony stumbled upon ear candles, recommended to her by a naturopathic doctor, and it ended up changing the course of her life.

“After trying months of antibiotic treatments and still seeing my son fighting ear infection, I finally decided to reach out to my naturopathic doctor and started using ear candles. Seeing him relax as I used the ear candle was the most satisfying feeling for me,” said Doc Harmony while talking about Harmony’s Ear Candle.

During her second pregnancy, Doc Harmony felt a new calling in life. Leaving her well-paying corporate job and aspirations of becoming a CEO of a multinational corporation, she decided to follow her newfound passion for natural health.

With the growing family, she decided to embrace organic gardening growing more than 40 herbs, generating her electricity, reducing the carbon footprint, and teaching her kids the importance of a green planet; she enrolled in a Master’s and Doctorate program in the Science of Natural Health, with a dissertation on Ear Candles.

“In many ways, ear candles are still a mystery to us as we know they do not suck anything out of the ear, yet, the tremendous healing power when one uses ear candles is amazing … ear candles work so well on our bodies and have the power to completely relax our bodies from any physical, mental or even emotional stress,” said Doc Harmony. She has created this successful business while creating job opportunities for homeschooling families and single mothers.

Harmony Ear Candles are not the regular ear candles available in the market but boast impressive safety and efficacy. Doc Harmony and her husband have made significant investments to improve the overall design of ear candles. They have implemented a USA patented safety tip that accelerates the vortex and protects the end-user from mishaps.

“Ear Candles are amazing and have persisted the test of time and government interference because they help the body to heal itself!  Encouraging relaxation and allowing the Autonomic Nervous System to shift from a highly stressed state to a very relaxed state (parasympathetic) is a much needed treat in our daily lives, especially when we are not 100%!  Ear Candling allows us this venue to heal!” – Doc Harmony  

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