NiftyMediaArt Announces It Will Leverage Algorand to Expand the Creator Economy on the world’s Greenest Blockchain 1

The multimedia NFT company also introduced its first NFT collection created by Academy Award winner Ty Wright at NFT House NYC.

NiftyMediaArt is excited to announce it will leverage Algorand’s green blockchain as the backbone of its NFT multimedia marketplace and streaming platform.

NiftyMediaArt initially celebrated this announcement at NFT HOUSE, NYC on Earth Day, April 22nd. At the event, the team provided an exclusive first look at their NFT marketplace and streaming app—designed by artists for artists—and gave an exclusive preview of their soon-to-be-released NFT collection, Graffiti Heroes, an original collection of 10,000 generative artworks created by Academy Award winner Ty Wright. Wright will also serve as NiftyMediaArt’s lead artist.

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NiftyMediaArt is an NFT platform that brings together visual art, music, and motion in one place, changing how we think, create and consume content in the metaverse. Using blockchain technology, NiftyMedia will connect artists and content creators directly to NFT collectors enabling the ability to seamlessly transact. The platform will enable artists to build their digital brands and have direct contact with their community.

Unlike other NFT marketplace platforms, artists will be able to engage with their NFT collectors, tell stories behind each collection and provide utilities to immerse their fans with an experience like never before through NiftyMediaArt’s mobile platform.

NiftyMediaArt is founded by industry veterans with 120+ years of collective experience in blockchain and design from Big 4 consulting firms, executive TV production, and blockchain startups. Multi-Award winning srtists in the music and animation business also comprise part of the founding team.

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With core functions generated and originated on Algorand, an energy efficient, carbon-negative blockchain, NiftyMediaArt is able to eliminate intermediaries between artists and fans—intermediaries that have traditionally hindered the transaction process and driven up expenses for both sides. Algorand’s open, public blockchain allows all the data that is part of the process to be readily available and verifiable, resulting in virtually no paperwork throughout the automated process.

As the NFT space evolves and accelerates rapidly, NiftyMediaArt is excited to be at the forefront to capitalize on emerging trends and drive outstanding results for artists and their fans. “Leveraging Algorand’s green blockchain technology allows us to build an Earth-friendly platform. Algorand’s superior performance, flexible architecture, low transaction fees, and scalability of its transactional performance are core to our user experience. We are thrilled to bring accomplished artists and the emerging NFT community together,” said Dan Hoffman, CMO & Co-Founder of NiftyMediaArt.

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