Diesel Labs Launches Insights for Brands 1

Diesel Insights for brands will provide analytics that help marketers plan for advertising on streaming platforms in coordination with traditional channels

Diesel Labs, a Content Intelligence company, today announced the launch of solutions for brands. This brings their product, Diesel Insights, to marketers exploring the opportunities within previously ad-free spaces. The new suite of analytics taps into Diesel Labs’ vast database of entertainment intelligence to surface the content that target consumers are engaging with, as well as identify the most highly anticipated upcoming titles.

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Sophisticated audience insights are necessary to support the development of effective marketing strategies, especially in light of the added complexity from the introduction of ad-supported tiers across streaming platforms. In addition to tracking audience attention across the entire entertainment landscape, Diesel’s data solutions provide in-depth, user-level analytics around what target segments are engaging with, what releases are being anticipated by certain demographics and what’s most popular on a certain network or platform for a target audience.

“With streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix now unlocking the door to advertisers, it’s incumbent on brands to approach the opportunity thoughtfully,” said Anjali Midha, CEO and Co-Founder of Diesel Labs. “While we’re still learning what the ad formats will look like, marketers can tap into our robust understanding of brand audiences to ensure the right message is delivered to the right viewer, in the right space.”

With the media and entertainment industry continuing to transform, “we’ve been preparing for this moment,” said Midha. “We’re excited to arm our brand partners with valuable insight to help them navigate this exciting new environment.”

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