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The latest version of the VoiceBoxer simultaneous interpretation and video conference platform includes feature updates to streamline access to virtual multilingual events.

VoiceBoxer, a leader in the simultaneous interpretation delivery market, has announced the latest version of their video conferencing and live multilingual event platform, VoiceBoxer Version 4.

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The latest release is a focus on making multilingual video conferencing easier to use and access, and on making conducting multilingual events a rich experience for viewers and hosts. Users can enjoy the following upgrades:

  • Improved Event Flow — Moderators can now adapt the event’s visual experience dynamically without depending on the session’s creator (usually the event manager). Examples include switching between open microphones with gallery view for all speakers and forced moderation ensuring focus on one active speaker at a time, and a more streamlined functionality for hiding/showing the uploaded multilingual slides.
  • Better Buttons & Layouts — Streamlined video layouts for a more intuitive user experience.
  • VoiceBoxer Portal Dashboard — “Today’s Schedule” will help participants and organizers find the right event faster. This is especially effective for organizations hosting multiple events in the platform.
  • Hybrid Event Integration — VoiceBoxer Mixer is the platform’s answer to easier onsite-online integrations. VoiceBoxer Mixer makes it possible to easily integrate DANTE or onsite analogic audio networks to VoiceBoxer, so that every meeting can be easily hybridized.
  • Streamlined Event Creation — Does your organization host similar events regularly? Now users can instantly create events using customer default templates, including creating instant meetings for immediate connection.
  • One-Click Access — The most requested feature at VoiceBoxer is now available. Users no longer have to receive an invite to join an event, and instead can join through a one-click link.

With these new features, VoiceBoxer solidifies their commitment to making multilingual events easier to access and host. Additionally, VoiceBoxer Version 4 seeks to align the experience of joining and creating events with potential customer expectations of video conferencing platforms.

VoiceBoxer already consistently ranks as the favorite platform for remote simultaneous interpreters working around the world. With this latest update, VoiceBoxer takes steps toward acquiring more favorability and brand adoption in the global market for multilingual video conferencing and hybrid events.

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