How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 7? 1

Although the latest version of the Windows operating system is Windows 11, the mainstream version is Windows 10.

However, we have not forgotten that there are still a large number of loyal users who are still reluctant to give up the classic Windows 7, or even the classic Windows XP; the computers of these old users The configuration may be a long time ago, and many important data may often be deleted by mistake or data loss caused by various system errors.

Some users really need to update to a higher version of Windows 10 or Windows 11, but data loss during the update process is more common. phenomenon, and those hard drives that have been used for too long will occasionally appear such as unable to read and write, unable to identify and so on.

We suggest that old users of Windows 7 or Windows xp must restore data in time when they encounter various data loss problems, especially stop using the system immediately until data is restored, because the development of information technology today, various The amount of data is very large.

If the capacity of the old hard disk is too small, the problem of data overwriting is very likely to occur. Especially the partition where the system drive letter is located, the system is generating a large number of temporary files to rewrite the disk all the time.

Aidfile is committed to solving the intractable problems you know that famous data recovery software can’t solve.

Use “Undelete” to recover deleted files from Windows 7 after shift delete, Recycle bin clear, virus attack, disk cleanup, Press shift del by mistake, permanently empty recycle bin, shift delete, accidentally deleted by a mistake.

Use “Unformat” mode to recover files from formatted Windows 7 hard drive after quick format, full format, accidentally formatted, reformatting, High-level formatting, Low-level formatting,

Use “Full Scan” mode to recover lost files if partitions show as “raw” in Windows 7 or recover files which can not be found with “undelete” and “unformat” and “recover partition”, recover files from raw partition, recover files of partitons which are not NTFS, nor exfat, nor fat32 after showing an error, display as raw file system, unformatted, unknown partition, unpartitioned, needs to be formatted.

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