New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making giant waves over Amazon, custom fit 1
Snore Bandit is a unique patented and FDA-cleared anti-snoring device that has proven to offer effective results against snoring sound and sleep apnea problems.

New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making giant waves over Amazon, custom fit 2

Las Vegas, NV – May 06, 2022 – For Carol Barbinski, sleeping separately from her husband became a regular occurrence for his heavy snoring issues, until he decided to try Snore Bandit. And after that, it was the most peaceful and noiseless sleep for the couple together every night. The same goes for Joseph Mayorga who is elated to see the amazing effects of Snore Bandit on his beloved grandma. Designed by a heavy snorer for heavy snorers, Snore Bandit is reportedly the best stop-snoring solution in the current market today. 

“My husband snores so loudly I can hear him from anywhere in our house. He has sleep apnea and used a machine for about a year. However it was so uncomfortable and cumbersome he slowly stopped using it. After 20 years of marriage I finally had enough and he had to sleep on the couch, because it kept me awake. I tried special pillows that claim to help, no dice it didn’t work. Finally, he succumbed to my requests to see another doctor about the possibility of a mouthpiece to help with the snoring. He finally went, he found out his uvula was enlarged causing it to block his airway when he sleeps and they could fit him for a special mouthpiece for a mere $600 (our out of pocket). He would have to come in and have a fitting sent to a lab blah blah blah and after a few weeks he would have a mouthpiece that MAY HELP his doctors exact words. If not we were back at square 1 less $600. 

New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making giant waves over Amazon, custom fit 3

I was desperate I turned to Amazon as I do for so much and found the Snore Bandit. It had great reviews and a 100% money back guarantee so I ordered it. We were amazed and so grateful when he tried it. CRICKETS was the only sound in our room, he slept through the night silently and woke up very rested the next day. He would take a nap every day after work because he was so tired from lack of restful sleep. I am not a big review writer however given the amazing results my hubby experienced I thought I owed it to fellow sufferers. This mouthpiece works, hands down and I have my hubby back next to me in bed I am so thankful to Snore Bandit for this amazing invention and for offering it at a reasonable price so all can access.” – Carol Barbinski

New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making giant waves over Amazon, custom fit 4

“I purchased the snore bandit for my grandmother. She was using a CPAP machine that was recalled and hasn’t slept well since she stopped using it. She is very pleased with my purchase. She is well rested in the morning, no more jaw pain from grinding her teeth, and best of all, we don’t hear her snoring anymore!! And believe me, it was loud. We highly recommend this product!!” – Joseph Mayorga

The USA-patented and FDA-cleared anti-snoring device has been showered with rave reviews and high ratings on Amazon.

What separates Snore Bandit from regular anti-snoring devices that fail to work is its strategic design that enables users to enjoy easy breathing through nose and mouth. This way, the latest device helps to eliminate the unwanted snoring vibration noises, assuring peaceful slumber every night. 

New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making giant waves over Amazon, custom fit 5

“Our revolutionary anti-snoring device stands out with its unique patented design. Unlike regular anti-snoring devices, Snore Bandit is intelligently designed to allow movement of lower jaw lightly forward that helps to keep the mouth slightly open, enabling opening of airways and uninterrupted breathing. Snore Bandit will be extremely helpful if you are suffering from loud snoring and Sleep Apnea issues”, stated the leading spokesperson from the Snore Bandit team.

One of the main advantages of using Snore Bandit is its custom fit. The device comes with a Boil-and-Bite fitting process that facilitates a custom, and comfortable fit in comparison to existing regular anti-snoring mouthpieces. In fact, Snore Bandit is equipped with the same industry-leading fitting process that is used in sports mouthguards by athletes to ensure a precise fit. Users can custom fit Snore Bandit right from the convenience of their own home – all they would need here are water, microwave, and 3 coffee cups.

New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making giant waves over Amazon, custom fit 6

Top features and benefits of Snore Bandit –

  • Proven innovative anti-snoring solution
  • Highly effective against loud snoring and sleep apnea problems
  • Reduces vibration and snoring noise by 99%
  • Patented design
  • FDA-cleared 
  • Accurate custom fit
  • Developed with medical-grade material

“If you have been trying out a myriad anti-snoring solution for years only to be met with futile results, Snore Bandit is ‘the’ solution for you.  Unlike regular anti-snoring devices that have failed us time and again, this innovative patented device has actually proven to show effective results. It’s because, Snore Bandit tries to tackle the problem from its roots – the device facilitates seamless breathing while you sleep so that you can get rid of loud snoring issues. However, if you are somehow not satisfied with our product, we will be happy to offer a 100% refund.”

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