TCS UPS Battery Backup Inspection & Maintenance 1

1. TCS UPS Battery Storage.

2. TCS UPS Battery Inspectionm.

3. TCS UPS Battery Cycle life.

4. TCS UPS Battery Charge.

5. TCS UPS Battery Cautions.


The 12v ups battery backup battery is delivered in a fully charged condition. Please note the points before installation as below: A. Ignitable gases may be generated from the UPS battery. Provide sufficient ventilation and keep the 12v ups battery away from the sparks and naked flame. B. Please check for any damage to the packages after arrival, then unpack carefully to avoid damage to the apc battery backup. C. Unpacking at the installation location, please take out the 12v ups battery by supporting the bottom instead of lifting the terminals. Attention that sealant may be disrupted if the 12v ups battery backup is moved with force on the terminals. D. After unpacking, check the quantity of the accessories and the exterior.

 TCS UPS Battery Backup Inspection & Maintenance 2


A. After verifying no abnormality in the 12v ups battery, install it on the prescribed location (e.g. cubicle of medical ups battery backup stand) B. If the 12v ups battery is to be accommodated in a cubicle, place it at the lowest place of the cubicle whenever it is practicable. Keep at least 15mm distance between the batteries. C. Always avoid installing the outdoor ups battery backup close to a heat source (such as a transformer) D. Since s outdoor ups battery backup may generate ignitable gases, avoid installing close to an item that produces sparks (such as switch fuses). E. Before making connections, polish the outdoor ups battery backup terminals to bright metal. F. When a multiple number of the batteries are used, first connect the inner-battery in a correct manner, and then connect the outdoor ups battery backup to the charger or the load. In these cases, the positive”) of the 12v UPS battery should be securely connected to the positive(+) terminal of the charger or the load, and negative(-) to negative(-), Damage to the charger may be caused by the incorrect connection between outdoor ups battery backup and charger. Make sure all connections are correct. The tightening torque for each connecting bolt and nut shall be in accordance with the below chart. 

Cycle life

(1) The outdoor ups battery backup shouldn’t be |ov/er than the final discharge voltage. (2) Please recharge the medical ups battery backup immediately if the ups battery backup is over discharging. (3) The TCS solar battery may be damaged if the discharge current is over 6C amps and the discharge time is more than 5 seconds.


A.Float charge Float charge voltage shall be maintained constant as the voltage. The effect of too high or too low a floating charge voltage is as follows: Too high for exceeded period(overcharge): it may shorten 12v ups battery backup life. Too low for exceeded period(undercharge): it may not meet load or cause variances in weatherproof ups battery backup that will decrease the capacity of apc battery backup pack and shorten their life. B.Recovery discharge Recovery charge is achieve with the same voltage as floating charge, while initial charge current is 0.1C-0.3CA. C.Temperature compensation When the temperature deviates from 25C, please modify the voltage as 3mv/cell for every 1 C deviation. D.The equalizing charge The equalizing charge voltage is 2.3-2.35V/CGIL E.Caution during charge (a) If the charge current exceeds 0.05CAat the final stage of charge, the apc battery backup may be permanently damaged in appearance and life. Pay special attention to charging voltage. (b) The TCS UPS Battery Backup charger should be the one that can provide automatic constant voltage with drooping characteristics, if other types will be used, please contact us before applied.


A. When you wish to store the battery, TCS UPS Battery Backup should be store without charger and load at dry location with low temperature. B If batteries are store for a long period, give a supplementary charge before use.


A. Do not use vacuum cleaner and dry cloth (especially chemical fiber) but damp cloth to clean the battery, in order not to cause any static electricity and danger. Keep the TCS ups Battery Backup away from organic solvents, such as gasoline. B. A storage TCS ups Battery Backup may generate ignitable gases, avoid placing near a naked flame or short-circuiting the battery. C. Do not attempt to dismantle the storage battery. If sulfuric acid splashes on skin or clothes due to mechanical damage, rinse immediately with water, If splashed into the eyes wash with a large amount of fresh water and get treatment immediate. D. It is very dangerous to throw TCS solar battery into fire, avoid such conduct at all times. E. A ventilation opening is required when the TCS solar battery is operated in a cubicle or case containing the TCS 12v ups battery backup should be provided with sufficient ventilation. F. One may get electric shock if touch an electrical conductor, Be sure to wear rubber gloves before inspection or maintenance work. G. Please take rust proof conduction on the TCS solar battery connectors. H. Theoretically operating temperature is -15 – 45 C, but operating under 15 – 25 C is recommended for longer service life. I. Please contact us before using 4 or more batteries in parallel. J. Mixed use of batteries with different capacities, different histories and of different manufacturer is liable to cause damage to the TCS battery or the equipment,consult with us if such necessity is present.

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