Metaverse Space Station, Navigating NFT + DAO + GameFi 1
Recently, Metaverse Space Station opened a global node plan.

Metaverse Space Station was launched by MSS LABS together with 100 super nodes and 1000 core nodes around the world, aiming to build an international DAO organization with long-term influence, gather partners of high latitude cognition, and use the influence of the community to empower the construction of a global top blockchain ecology.

Metaverse Space Station, Navigating NFT + DAO + GameFi 2

Basic Information:

Token Allocation: MSSDAO (MSS)

Issued based on BSC Coin Smartchain, total 1 billion pieces

10%: 100 million, 100 super nodes of 1 million each

15%: 150 million, 500 core nodes of 300,000 each

10%: 100 million, LP pool

15%: 150 million, resonant  pool

50%: 500 million coins, locked position for eco-building

Base pool of 1 billion coins, fair launch across the network, small circulation, dual minting mechanism, innovative economic model.

Conquering the universe is the dream of mankind, mankind is great because of its dreams, and all successful people are big dreamers. Inspired by Musk’s plan to migrate to Mars, and following Musk’s ambitious goal of achieving 1 million migrants to Mars in 2050, Metaverse Space Station LABS and MSSDAO community are strongly united to let all people have their own virtual space, empowering MSS, pursuing MSS, building virtual world real life and business scenarios, creating a circulating market value of 10 billion.

The company has received attention and investment from Alameda Researchcrypto, Comaccapital, MSS LABS and other institutions. Mutual union to build MSS YuanYu aggregation ecology, build virtual reality symbiosis and co-prosperity of the meta-universe space is a blockchain-based virtual world in the 1 million surname family migration to Mars meta-universe space station, is Web3.0 (Web3.0 subfield including metaverse, nft, dao, defi, cross-chain, etc.), for the economy to join the liquidity, while through the MSS DAO family MSS DAO is a decentralized system, proving that the space station of MSS DAO is jointly owned by all the MSS DAO family, a virtual space hidden in the Internet world, which is the biggest feature of MSS DAO, the family NFT badge is required to use this space, as long as user run the program to connect to the network. 

In addition, the MSS DAO family NFT is randomly resonated during the MSS DAO family NFT grabbing and transferring process of circulation, and instantly get rare MSS DAO governance tokens, NFT corresponding funds into the pool to MSS and all destroyed to form a strong deflation, in addition, as the MSS ecology continues to develop and the community consensus gradually expands, how the future value of MSS!

Metaverse Space Station navigates the DEFI2.0+DAO+NFT+Gamefi aggregation ecology, building a symbiotic and co-prosperous metaverse space station!

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