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Eyes are being damaged due to people spending too much time in front of gaming devices without wearing protection. The Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses as featured on TikTok are helping people to protect their eyes.

All Gamers Should Wear Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses To Prevent Eye Damage – DeLilRedDot 2

An online store that sells everything from gadgets, garden accessories, to car accessories, has launched a campaign to make gamers understand why they should protect their eyes while having fun. DeLilRedDot ( who sell Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses that protects gamers and computer users eyes, has said too many people are not aware of the damage they are doing to their eyes by not protecting them.

The Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses ( which are priced at just $24.99, provide the complete protection that gamers need while on their devices. Since being featured on TikTok, and being recommended by medical experts, more than 20902 people have bought this item.

The popular one-stop-shop for quality products and accessories who said they will not be beaten on price, has said the number of people who are seeking medical help for eye problems has increased. According to recent reports, the reason more people are seeking medical help for damaged eyes is down to the huge increase in gamers, and also down to people not understanding they should protect their eyes.

Potential effects of screen time, include:

Eye fatigue – Being in front of a gaming machine can result in the eyes getting tired from intense use causing double vision. It can also result in the gamer having headaches.

Dry and irritated eyes – With no protection such as the Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses, gamer tend to blink less when staring at a screen and the eyes become dry and irritated.

Retinal damage – Gaming machines release blue light, which can reach the inner lining of the back of your eye (retina). Experts have found that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This can lead to early age-related macular degeneration, which according to medical experts can lead to loss of eyesight.

The Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses should be sold with each gaming machine sold according to some medical experts. It helps to block the constant blue light emitted from gaming devices, which helps to reduce the damage to the eyes.

There are lots of great products and accessories available on the DeLilRedDot store. All the products and accessories come with a full guarantee, a fast-shipping service, and are sold at the lowest possible price. Their prices are so low that they recently challenged Amazon to beat their prices.

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