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The company’s services give clients the capabilities to leverage blockchain to scale and generate value for their business.

Digital Nomad Labs (DNL), a fast-growing blockchain technology development company based in Singapore, today announced that it is adding a new NOMAD product range to its offerings. Since its inception, DNL has focused its efforts on developing intuitive NOMAD products to improve client blockchain capabilities and ensure profitability and productivity across systems.

The NOMAD suite is a product-market fit, carefully designed to target company pain points and address the needs of blockchain teams and general users. DNL’s NOMAD portfolio includes the following:

• DEX: Building and launching a client’s decentralized exchange.
• IDENTIFIER: Enhances Know Your Customer (KYC) systems with blockchain development.
• X-CHAIN: Allows an NFT to be seen and transacted within different marketplaces.
• BOOK-KEEPING: Ensures efficient and effective crypto strategy, automating profit and loss.
• ORDERBOOKS: Offers a real-time list of orders from trading venues to create market depth and improve liquidity.
• HARVEST: Identifies and separates wallets with tainted transactions, making it easier to target white-listed wallet addresses for marketing.

The whole NOMAD product range highlights the right combination of custom-built solutions to address each client’s unique challenges and support their strategic vision. DNL’s suite of services addresses several key points – technology, security, governance, development, and business value – to accelerate growth and discover new opportunities.

“Our objective is to identify and work with quality projects, providing them with guidance and tools to make their vision a reality,” said DNL co-founder and COO Max Ee.

DNL is focused on delivering tangible business outcomes. It constantly innovates and recalibrates its services to stay agile and ahead in the volatile market. Its strategic partnerships, strong networks, and cross-ecosystem expertise enable it to seamlessly integrate within existing systems and anticipate future challenges.

“We have a track record working with start-ups and traditional businesses. We recently were the blockchain partner for FAIRYDE, a ride-hailing application in the US & ASIA. Using a combination of smart contracts and tokenomics, we transformed a traditional platform business into a breakthrough venture that brought unity between the economy and the service industry, pioneering the first Ride-to-Earn business in the US,” said Nabil Hadi, DNL co-founder and CMO.

Another recent project from DNL is with “Gendora Asia,” where they were the NFT development partner. Gendora Asia is an NFT project that supports and empowers women in the Asian subcontinent. DNLs latest partnership is with UK based sports company, Roster NFT – a unique business providing specialist education, concept building and full service NFT production for athletes and brands in Sports and Fitness.

DNL works with businesses from various industries, including banking and finance, real estate, healthcare, and retail. It offers blockchain consultancy, NFT development, NFT marketplace development, full tokenization service, and smart contracts in addition to its NOMAD portfolio.

Learn more about DNL and its suite of offerings here:

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