Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 1

Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 2

Skylar Lear is a multi-dimensional Actor, Producer, Athlete, Body Builder, and Serial Entrepreneur. Born in Louisville, KY, Skylar’s full name is Ryan Skylar Lear, but in entertainment, he goes by ‘Skylar Lear’. Skylar is a published model, talented actor, and is known for being a producer on many notable films including Death House (2015) starring award-winning actor Tony Todd, Hidden Agenda (2017), and confirmed in the upcoming film American Bigfoot (2022). Find out below the latest news on Skylar Lear!

Looks & Fitness & Drive! – Pro Model & Certified Fitness Expert Skylar Lear Headlined in Maxim Magazine

Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 3

Skylar Lear is a professional model, pro body builder known for competing in many competitions as well as being published on some of the hottest covers including Maxim Magazine. A strong Fitness & health regime has always been apart of Skylar Lear’s life. In college, Skylar Lear was a quarterback at University of Louisville and Campbellsville University. From there, Skylar graduated with a bachelors degree in Exercise Science & Physiology, and then became a certified a NCSF certified personal trainer and Cross-fit level 1 certified coach. Skylar later founded TriQ Crossfit. Skylar Lear was also featured on the cover of Maxim Magazine, known to have only the hottest celebs & fitness experts.

Maxim Magazine headlined Model Skylar Lear on cover with inspiring catchphrase ‘ STAY MOTIVATED AND BUILD AN EMPIRE’

Business Ventures: Investing & Creating Revolutionary Skin Care Line – Voilá Ve

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Using their expertise in fitness, modeling industry and business smarts, Skylar & Tracy Lear created the revolutionary skincare line ‘VoilaVe’, which is a French statement for ‘Here we go again’. Customers are loving Voila Ve products and even calling them ‘ Excellence in a bottle’. One of the most popular products includes Argan Man, which is a USDA Certified Organic Oil with all-natural ingredients and premium quality!


Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 5

Founders Tracy Lear & Skylar Lear can be seen on TV for their premium skincare line VoilaVe. 

Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 6

Rising in the Entertainment Industry: Skylar Lear Executive Producing & Acting in Films!

Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 7

Confirmed Latest Upcoming Films In Production Actor Skylar Lear has been credited & confirmed to producing include:

Cadillac Respect (associate producer)

Werewolf Cabal (associate producer)

American BigFoot (associate producer)

Buddies (executive producer)

Cold Blooded Killers (Executive producer)

Todd (associate producer)

Film Roles Confirmed in Pre-Production: Skylar Lear is set to star in ‘Amber Road’ as the role of Kyle and in the film ‘Breakaway’ as the role of Shane Blackwell.

Film Roles Confirmed in Post-Production Status: Skylar Lear is starring in Mafia Reloaded as the role of Dan Fontana and rumored to be in American Bigfoot. More info will be provided stay tuned!

Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 8



“I think what really motivates me is a constant desire for self improvement… you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone and continuously set and achieve goals to challenge your abilities.” – Skylar Lear Celebz Interview


Photo above: Sibling Entertainment & Business Powerhouse duo Skylar & Tracy Lear

Official Website: https://skylarlear.com

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9287055/

Hollywood Exclusive: Seen On TV Skylar Lear – Actor 9

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/VoilaVe/VoilaVe/page/6BFF64C6-1460-46B7-9404-01E91E0EA6A9

Brand Website: www.VoilaVe.com

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