Medical Marketing and Technology Firm BoldMD Braves the Expansive Digital Media Marketing Industry Helping Medical Professionals Thrive in the Digital Age 1
Medical Marketing and Technology Firm BoldMD Braves the Expansive Digital Media Marketing Industry Helping Medical Professionals Thrive in the Digital Age

The rise of the digital age has brought about many benefits in our modern society. The advent of digital marketing has allowed businesses and professionals to thrive by capturing a much larger market and helping clients find the perfect fit for all their needs and demands. Healthcare marketing has proven to have a wide audience along with seasoned professionals in the field who will stop at nothing to deliver high-quality solutions and services. BoldMD is an elite marketing and technology agency that bridges the gap between healthcare professionals and clients, connecting them through top-notch marketing services.

BoldMD propels medical professionals and practices to greater heights through the use of cutting-edge, Hollywood-level video production. The company is equipped with an expert team of seasoned performance marketers that create viral content to spread the word of their clients through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads. The renowned marketing firm has shown time and time again that its tried-and-tested methods have helped brands blow up, reaching more people than traditional marketing.

In our modern digital age, data is king. BoldMD helps its clients optimize web presence to strengthen their market position by delivering data and insights to their esteemed clients. The firm analyzes competitors to create the best custom solution that is tailor-made for each of its respected clients. Their high-quality service is also adept at performing customer service and they give clients monthly analytics and a dedicated marketing team to help them further reach their goals.

BoldMD is adept at building go-to-market apps for the medical industry with data monetization, market saturation planning, and all medical-specific software integrations. The firm has helped healthcare practices grow beyond belief through its innovative strategies that drive their clients’ value in the marketplace and help revenue soar in real-time.

Many medical professionals and practices have seen an increase of over 50 – 100 new clients every month. Countless brand testimonies can be found on the company’s website, further cementing BoldMD’s credibility in the digital marketing industry. Medical entrepreneurs, private medical practitioners, nurses, medical administrators and doctors have greatly benefited from the firm’s fantastic services, and it’s barely just getting started. Recently, BoldMD was voted as one of the Top 10 Healthcare companies in 2022 by Healthcare Business Review.

Founder and CEO Trevor Tully hopes to grow his company and help clients grow their brands as well through BoldMD’s host of services. From its Hollywood caliber video production, big agency performance marketing, medical campaign experience with the largest healthcare systems in the world, the company has grown massively over the years; and prosperous growth is definitely on the horizon.

With Trevor Tully at the helm of BoldMD, his vision for the company isn’t far from reality. As a third-generation entrepreneur, he has the skills and expertise to prove that he’s worth his salt. Coupled with his passion for building teams and manifesting dreams, it’s no surprise that BoldMD is on its way to becoming a global marketing brand that helps medical professionals from all walks of life.

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