Taskflo Delivers Intelligent Web-Based Solutions to the built environment 1
Taskflo uses logical workflows to streamline building management, reduce risk, improve compliance, and help clients get ahead of their competitors.

Taskflo Delivers Intelligent Web-Based Solutions to the built environment 2

Taskflo is improving service standards and adding value to businesses with cloud-based cutting-edge management solutions. It’s the first-of-its-kind technology that combines CMMS, WHS Management, Contractor Management, and a marketplace into a single powerful software ecosystem, covering everything needed for seamless processes and continuous real-time monitoring.

“Taskflo provides a unified end-to-end technology platform to address the challenges of managing buildings and facilities,” says the team from Taskflo. “It allows you to connect live contractor compliance monitoring with automated workflows.”

The software goes beyond traditional information storage. Its main selling point lies in comprehensive business optimization. Often, companies rely on different applications to manage and coordinate several aspects of their business processes, such as contractor prequalification, scheduling, and payment. Taskflo removes the intricacies of admin tasks by integrating everything needed for smooth operations.

The Taskflo technology is dynamic and centred on using logical workflows to simplify and streamline management across touchpoints – assets, maintenance, safety, risk, and compliance – saving business owners time and money. It is purpose-built to drive value and ensure safe, transparent, and compliant services every time without adding to current processes. Taskflo empowers business owners to focus on the core of their functions and grow their business.

“With Taskflo, you can report events, injuries, illnesses, complaints, and near misses at the click of a button,” added the team. “The platform automatically generates Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules and connects tasks, costs, and hours to the asset register.”

Taskflo’s predictive tool gives insightful data on risk factors, strong points, and areas of improvement, helping companies maximize their current resources. It seamlessly integrates into businesses of all sizes and niches, including aged care, construction, and medical industries. It has an easy-to-use interface and mobile application thoughtfully designed to meet unique operational needs.

Other benefits include asset tracking, up-to-date information access, and secure and reliable data protection with robust security infrastructure. Dedicated customer support is also available to ensure clients are on track to achieving their goals and objectives.

Taskflo is divided into modules so clients can choose to purchase the entire system or just specific parts (i.e., contractor verification or WHS management).

Book a demo with Taskflo today. Learn more information here: https://taskflo.com.au/.

About Taskflo

Taskflo, founded in 2015, is the most efficient and sophisticated end-to-end management technology platform in Australia. It specialises in delivering targeted and scalable solutions to buildings and facilities management, reducing cost, ensuring compliances, and supporting up-to-date monitoring for seamless operations.

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