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There’s a shift happening in the recruitment industry. With the larger number of job vacancies now being posted on social media, employers are turning to video job posts to catch the attention of job seekers. 

Video has dominated consumer marketing and social media engagement for some time, so it makes sense that companies are now using video to attract talent, especially when younger people are used to getting information via video. 

“Employers can bring their jobs to life with a video job post, so they get more applicants,” says Damian Williams, the founder of C-Me. “Job seekers get a better feel for what the company is about so are much more likely to click apply”. 

Video jobposts raise a company’s profile and present a more modern image and employer brand, so they stand out from the competition. With video job ads increasing engagement by 800% over traditional job ads, it stands to reason that employers will get more applicants.

A video job post is typically one or two minutes long and includes a short segment explaining what the company does and why it’s a great place to work, followed by the hiring manager talking more about the job opportunity. Employers can brand their video job posts with company colours and add opening and closing animations to their videos to give them a professional finish. Where a company already has a job page then applicants can be routed there, or employers can choose to track applicants in C-Me instead, requesting video applications if appropriate.

C-Me video job posts are automatically listed in GoogleForJobs for free and the video helps the jobs rank a lot higher in the search engines which is a bonus. They are also mobile-ready which is especially important as most job seekers are browsing social media on their phones. 

“Companies are seeing amazing results. Video job posts get thousands of views and job seekers are much more engaged with the brand when they apply,” Williams said. “It doesn’t take long to create a video job post. With the new video job post template, it takes less than 10 minutes to make and share one on social media.”

With a Video Job Post, companies stand out from the crowd. To ensure that job ads stand out in a long list of job postings on social media, companies can simply produce a video job description using the app.

A video job post allows to easily promote a job opportunity to talents on social media, and share it with a wider audience. On social media, video generates 10X more views and interaction. So, simply including a video in a job ad will generate much more engagement and applicants.

Nowadays, people are monitoring their feeds on social media, and may already be considering a new job opportunity. Including a video in a job post help businesses to increase visibility to talents and your chances to hire.

About C-Me 

C-Me is a Video First Hiring platform where employers extend their hiring processes with video. Employers can easily make and share a video job post on social media to get more applicants and ask job seekers to send a video application to add personality to their experience.

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